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Sailors' Society Wellness at Sea - Spiritual practice

News & Insights 9 December 2021

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Seafarer wellbeing has been a focal topic for Standard Club in recent years, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are proud to be working in partnership with Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme, sharing helpful advice and resources over a period of 27 weeks.

Sailors' Society Wellness at Sea - Spiritual practice

Spiritual health revolves around an understanding of ourselves in relation to our surroundings and finding our place within it. One way or another, many of us attempt to find our purpose in life. The journey to self-discovery is unique to everyone and there is no one specific path to uncovering spirituality. Everyone’s experience of it will be different, but it typically involves living one’s life with balance and purpose.

Having a healthy sense of spiritual wellness is important as it is a psyche that grounds individuals in the face of trials and tribulations. A mindset that interprets life’s obstacles differently, giving one flexibility and agility in navigating problems as they arise. This attribute is also imperative in helping one form meaningful connections with people, work, and their environment at large.

Sailors’ Society describes the ABC’s of spiritual practice as:

A – Attention – through the mundane and the familiar, we discover a world of ceaseless wonders

B – Beauty – beauty is everywhere, just waiting for you to notice it

C – Compassion – open your heart to suffering; move towards it by caring

Stay tuned to this space as more resources from both Standard Club and Sailors’ Society will be shared regularly. 

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