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Coastal & Inland

Our Coastal & Inland service has been successfully providing cover to commercial coastal vessels – typically up to 10,000gt – operating in harbours and coastal areas for over 50 years.

We can provide cover on a mutual basis, or typically up to $500m on a fixed-premium basis, though we can increase this to up to $1bn where required and agreed. We are also experts in providing clients with additional cover to support specialist operations and contractual defence.

Our aims

Our underwriting process is designed to ensure all members pay a fair premium while providing insurance at the lowest sustainable cost.

We aim to set premiums at a sufficient level to cover all members’ claims and reinsurance costs, and the cost of managing the club.

Our approach

Our proactive underwriting approach is underpinned by a commitment to transparency.

A flexible and expert approach ensures members can receive additional cover where needed, such as supporting contractual, operational and other specialised requirements.

Our diverse team of experienced and highly qualified claims handlers provides a proactive, flexible, supportive, and effective claims handling service throughout the life of a member’s claim.

In the event of a claim, we know that lives, businesses and the environment are potentially at risk. Members receive immediate, practical advice and ongoing support, while the ability to draw on both specific external and local expertise enables us to develop and implement a responsive, constructive strategy – one designed to resolve situations and crises in the most positive, supportive, and cost-effective way.

Our claims handlers have a clear understanding of what each member needs in the event of a claim, gained through regular member contact and many years’ experience. An open and inclusive culture also actively encourages the sharing of best practice and learning from collective experience so members receive the best possible claims handling service.

The claims team also have the ability to respond to emerging industry issues and incidents to provide clarity to members on cover implications and claims risks.

Our approach

Our pioneering and market-leading approach to loss prevention is designed to assist members in managing marine risks, minimising losses, as well as to deliver better claims results, and maintain financial security – underpinned by a comprehensive risk assessment programme. 

Our multi-disciplinary loss prevention department is on hand to help at all times, and includes master mariners, naval architects, ship production engineers, specialist surveyors and analysts with expertise that spans technical marine issues, senior ship management, port operations, management practices and flag administration. The team also includes two expert senior surveyors, dedicated to providing loss prevention services to the Coastal & Inland class and its members.

Specifically valuable to Coastal & Inland vessels, our team can provide members with instant feedback, plus expert technical and loss prevention advice, initiatives and services, without the need for external experts/consultants.

How we manage risks

We conduct member risk reviews (MRRs) for Coastal & Inland division on a case-by-case basis, so we can get to know our members and their operations in more detail, allowing us to provide the best possible service and support. This also gives existing members the reassurance that they continue to share risk with other high-quality operators.

Read more about MRRs here.

The loss prevention team conducts ship risk reviews (SRRs) to determine the condition of individual ships within members’ fleets to understand any potential risks.

Read more about SRRs here.

In addition to the two SLAC committees for members based in Europe and Asia, a third SLAC is dedicated to Coastal & Inland members. This focuses on claims trends and industry issues specific to this class, and ensures members receive undiluted information relevant to the issues that affect them, their people and their organisation.

Read more about SLAC here.

What is Coastal & Inland service?

Coastal & Inland service is insurance cover for vessels operating in harbours and coastal and inland waters rather than ocean-going vessels. At Standard Club part of NorthStandard, we can offer cover to commercial cover vessels up to $500m on a fixed-premium basis, which can be increased to up to $1bn where required and agreed. As part of our Coastal & Inland service, we provide loss prevention and cover risks such as collisions, groundings, cargo damage and pollution. 

What is the underwriting process for Coastal & Inland service?

The underwriting process for Coastal & Inland service at Standard Club, part of NorthStandard, is driven by our aim to provide all members with insurance at the lowest sustainable cost while ensuring a fair premium for all. We take into account all members’ insurance claims and reinsurance costs, and the cost of managing the club to offer sufficient level of cover to all members. If you want to learn more about our underwriting process, including our additional coverage, you can contact us.

What is the claims process for Coastal & Inland service?

The claims process for Standard Club, part of NorthStandard’s Coastal & Inland service is simple and easy, with the customer at the forefront. In the event of a claim, our experienced and highly qualified claims handlers are trained to resolve crises in the most supportive and cost-effective manner, ensuring you receive the full benefits of your insurance cover. They will offer immediate and practical assistance and ongoing support tailored to your individual needs. The specific claims process can vary depending on the type of claim, so we recommend referring to the C Coastal & Inland Rulebooks 2023/24 for detailed information on how each claim may differ.

Key contacts

Key Contacts - London
Key Contacts - Singapore

How do I get a quote?

To get a quote, please supply our underwriting team with:

  • Details of assured companies and their principal company officers
  • Vessel details – Name, IMO number,  GT,  age, flag, class, call sign, port of registry
  • Trade – Cargo types, trading area, spot or time charter
  • Crew – Number and nationalities
  • Current insurer – Type of cover (fixed or mutual), attachment date, current terms including deductibles, five-year claims record
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