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Standard Offshore Rules

We provide standalone P&I cover on a fixed-premium basis under our Standard Offshore Rules (SOR) up to $1bn for owners and operators of production vessels and $500m for drilling units. These units are generally not eligible to join our mutual P&I Class and share their liabilities through the International Group Pooling Agreement.

They include:

  • Drilling units
  • Floating production units including FPSOs, FPUs, MOPUs

The Standard Offshore Rules cover includes a built-in contractual extension for P&I liabilities assumed under contract, but excludes cargo liabilities and liability for control of well and subsea pollution. See our latest Offshore P&I Rules for full policy details.

The standard cover can be extended as follows: 

  • Offshore liability Extension (OLE): includescontractual liability for loss or damage to third-party property on board the entered unit or being used from the unit; death, illness or injury of crew while they are not working on board the unit; clean-up of pollution from a well caused by negligence; contractual liability for damage caused by pollution from a well; and clean-up of debris or equipment deposited on the seabed as a result of a casualty. See Offshore liability extension clause.
  • Offshore P&I war risks: P&I liabilities arising from war, terrorism and piracy. See Offshore P&I war risks clause.
  • Offshore bio-chemical risks: P&I liabilities for crew death, injury or illness arising from bio-chemical risks. See Offshore bio-chemical risks inclusion clause.

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Where can I find the latest Offshore P&I Rules for full policy details?

You can find the most recent version of the Offshore P&I Rules on our Rules & Policies page. These regulations give extensive insight into the hazards involved with offshore operations. 

What is the difference between the Standard Offshore Rules and the mutual P&I class coverage?

The Standard Offshore Rules are insurance standards that apply only to offshore energy exploration and production activities, whereas mutual P&I class coverage includes a broader range of risks associated with ship ownership. 

Who is eligible for Standard Offshore Rules coverage?

Shipowners and operators involved in offshore energy exploration and production often qualify for Standard Offshore Rules coverage. This is normally provided by fixed premium insurers. To find coverage, you must provide specific information about your operations and the potential hazards involved. 

Contact our Offshore underwriting team.

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