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Press article: 'Expert thinking on how to improve seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing' with Yves Vandenborn

News & Insights 10 October 2022

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Yves Vandenborn shares his thoughts on improving seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing.

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In honour of World Mental Health day, SAFETY4SEA invited industry experts, including Standard Club's Yves Vandenborn, to share their views on what needs to change to make seafarers’ mental health a key priority for shipping. 

The question asked was 'If you could change one thing to improve seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing, what this would be and why?'

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, responded: 

Seafaring has been made out to be a resilient career - when the times get tough, the tough get going. Such an image holds those who are suffering back from seeking help, from potentially portraying themselves as weak and soft, making mental health even more of a stigma than it is. When in fact, anyone is susceptible to challenges that threaten their mental wellbeing. Only with more awareness and conversation on this front would seafarers be inclined to be honest whenever they feel vulnerable. The industry must do its part, listen to seafarers and act upon their concerns. Through an industry wide effort, we can reduce the stigma and effect real change.

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Category: Loss Prevention

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