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News & Insights 5 January 2022

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标准保赔协会防损副总监 John Dolan 船长在 Safety4Sea 发表的这篇文章中,探讨了供应链需求和集装箱航运市场增长及其对索赔的影响等问题。



新冠疫情影响、经济重启和消费需求激增等因素,使集装箱航运成为了 2021 年全年的头条新闻。空间不足、需求增加、全球范围内港口拥堵,导致船舶延误、运费飞涨。集装箱班轮公司利润可观,吨位级供应商坐享高价租船费率。即期和合同费率远高于疫情前的水平,并持续上升。分析师 Drewry 预计,第四季度的费率将比 2021 年第三季度高出 126%。由于供应链危机仍处于“复苏”阶段,预计这一增长将会持续。

来源:Clarksons - Shipping Intelligence Weekly - 2021 年 10 月 15 日



随着时间的推移,集装箱船的尺寸越来越大,承载能力越来越强。这是人口增长、生活富裕和经济繁荣的自然结果。2006 年,11000 标准箱的 Emma Maersk 号是世界最大的集装箱船。如今,2021 年建造的 24000 标准箱的 HMM Algeciras 号已不是船舶贸易中唯一的 20000 标准箱以上的集装箱船了。


Source: Clarksons – Shipping Intelligence Weekly – 15th Oct 2021

The breakdown in the supply chain has turned ports into parking lots for ships and containers. The lack of available containers has in turn led to the soaring rates, but the growth in goods that need to be transported hasn’t slowed down. Carriers have responded to this appetite by going bigger.

Bigger ships, greater challenges

Container ships have evolved over time both in size and carrying capacity- a natural consequence of growing populations, affluence and thriving economies. In 2006 the 11,000 TEU Emma Maersk was the world’s largest. Today the 2021 built 24,000 TEU HMM Algeciras is not the only 20,000 + TEU vessel trading.

As fleet size and ocean traffic increases, it is inevitable that technical and safety challenges will move in tandem with the growth, especially with ultra large container vessels. There are primarily four areas of concern from the ship owner’s and insurer’s perspective. These are mis-declared cargoes, fire, navigation and container losses at sea.

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