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Depending on your trade, area of operation or specific contract, you may need cover beyond our standard cover limit. We can provide tailored cover on a fixed-premium basis for up to 180 days for:

  • Actions of authorities
  • Contraband
  • Crew desertion
  • Illness, injury or death of crew
  • Pollution
  • Quarantine
  • Stowaways

Please note, our tailored delay cover is quoted separately from our marine delay cover.

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How Does Tailored Delay Work?

The coverage is tailored to the unique risks and vulnerabilities of your shipment. If an emergency or delay occurs, you will be compensated for any financial losses caused as a result. You must provide the shipment data, and we will create an insurance policy that suits your requirements.  It is important to note that all claims are subject to the terms and conditions, so ensure you know what is included in your policy.

How is Tailored Delay different from other risk management options?

Tailored Delay, unlike other risk management options, is tailored to each member's needs. It covers income loss due to delay, and operates on a risk-sharing basis in which members pay premiums based on their risk profile and share the risk with the club. Tailored Delay offers members more personalised coverage and financial stability.

How cost-effective is Tailored Delay compared to other options?

Tailored Delay can be the most cost-effective option for those in the shipping industry, and the insurance is completely bespoke to your businesses individual needs. By speaking with one of our Tailored Delay experts, we will be able to find you a suitable package that meets your requirements. 

Contact our Strike & Delay Class underwriting team.

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