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Pre Employment Medical Examination (PEME)

The voluntary scheme consists of more than 50 accredited clinics throughout India, South East Asia and the Ukraine. These are closely monitored to ensure PEME certificates are only issued to those seafarers who are fit to serve at sea.  

Marine Advisory Medical Service (MAMS) administers the scheme on our behalf. MAMS is a medical organisation specifically for the maritime industry, with offices in Singapore, the UK and Australia. 

Since 2015 the scheme has carried out more than 12,500 examinations for our members that have chosen to use it. This has been fundamental in our efforts to reduce the toll of preventable illness claims. 

The PEME scheme is focused on ensuring that members receive seafarer PEME certificates they can trust so that preventable claims are kept to a minimum. 

A key benefit is that the enhanced PEME examinations provided by our clinics go well beyond the minimum standards for employment medicals in most jurisdictions. 

Seafarers also benefit from participation in the scheme by taking advantage of medical treatment and advice that can extend their careers, especially in the case of untreated chronic illness.

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