Standard Club

Standard Club has merged with North to form NorthStandard. Find out more about NorthStandard here or continue on this site to access industry news, publications and expertise, as well as club rules and contacts.  

We have a new UK Emergency Contact number Find out more here


  1. The additional covers which follow do not form part of any member’s insurance unless and to the extent that they are expressly agreed and incorporated into the member’s certificate of entry.
  2. Except as expressly provided for in any of the additional covers which follow, and save in respect of paragraph 1 of the salvors’ extension clauses 2022, there shall be no recovery in respect of any loss, damage, liability or expense directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from the use or operation, as a means for inflicting harm, of any computer, computer system, computer software programme, malicious code, computer virus, computer process or any other electronic system.
  3. The JL2021-014 clause dated 8 March 2021 (Endorsement Excluding a Communicable Disease Following a Public Health Emergency of International Concern) published by the Joint Liability Committee of the Lloyd’s Market Association is hereby incorporated into each and every additional cover which follows other than paragraph 1 of the salvors’ extension clauses 2022.
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