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Web alert: Jordan - bulk cargo shortage claims

18 March 2015

There has been a considerable increase in substantial bulk cargo shortage claims in Jordan during the last year.
As a result of this it is understood that, following the IG clubs’ intervention, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to set up a special committee to which the P&I appointed surveyor would be able to contribute. The role of this committee would be to supervise the discharge of bulk cargoes in Jordan. It is expected to commence its operations in March 2015.
In particular, this committee will supervise the quantities of cargo discharged from the silos onto the trucks which transfer the cargo to the warehouses and its final destination. An inventory would be subsequently issued recording the committee’s findings and addressing the root cause of any shortage claims.
The latest information is that the Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested the silo companies to store the cargo discharged from each vessel in a separate area in an effort to investigate and determine the reasons for the increased bulk shortage claims. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be an inspection of the weighbridges for any potential malfunction which will hopefully allow a suitable corrective plan to be implemented. The club will also press for similar initiatives related to monitoring the discharge process directly from the ships to the trucks.
This is a positive step and a recognition by the Jordanian authorities of the necessity of determining the causes of the increased bulk shortage claims in Jordan, which, it is hoped, will lead to a reduction of similar incidents in the future.
The club continues to monitor the developments and will provide the necessary support to our members intending to discharge bulk cargoes in Jordan. In the meantime, should any questions arise, members are encouraged to contact their usual club contact or the author.