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My Standard Club

My Standard Club is our dedicated member and broker portal.

Accessible to all members who register, My Standard Club offers a range of features and benefits, including having 24/7 access to key membership documents, data and reports, quickly and easily without the need to go through their Standard Club contact.

My Standard Club also provides access to our dynamic online platform, Standard Foresight. Powered by Geollect and customisable to the member’s requirements, Standard Foresight is a global dashboard providing members with up-to-the-minute information about every port and maritime region of the world – including real-time, location-specific loss prevention and maritime intelligence information.

  • Members
  • Brokers
  • Risk managers
  • Fleet managers
  • Operational superintendents
  • In-house legal teams
  • Vessel masters
  • Navigating officers

Through My Standard Club, you can access: 

Membership documents, vessel listing and experience reports

Members and brokers receive instant access to membership documents, and reports that can include all their vessels currently or previously insured with us. They can also view a snapshot of their premium, claims, and loss ratios for their Mutual P&I cover, their Fixed Premium cover, and their Freight, Demurrage & Defence record – including vessel numbers, tonnage, and overheads. 

Claims information 

Members can access a breakdown of all open and closed claims without the need to go through our Operations Team. There are at-a-glance summaries of:

  • Total value and number of claims – presented as a double axis bar/line chart.
  • Number of claims by category – presented as a doughnut chart.
  • Value of claims by category – presented as a doughnut chart

Loss prevention advice

Reports under various ports provide useful additional loss prevention insight based on cargo type and visited ports. It allows members to review cargo and operational risk information and seek loading guidance. This is searchable via an intuitive, interactive map and search widget for simple and efficient viewing.

Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) information

Members can access monthly reports, statistics and key insights about port-specific corruption activity and anti-corruption incidents from MACN – a reputable and recognised service provider.

The service is currently not widely available to MACN non-members, so My Standard Club provides an ideal point of access for organisations who may not otherwise be able to benefit.

Safety and security

Additional high value, up-to-date safety and security information for vessel masters, navigating officers, ship’s crew, risk managers, fleet managers, and operational superintendents – providing maritime insight and all-round awareness of developing situations, including:

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Hurricane, cyclone and typhoon tracker

Actively tracks the development and movements of low pressures and tropical depressions across the oceans, and their potential to develop into hurricanes, cyclones or typhoons. Particularly effective for the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans where such weather disturbances are seen more frequently.

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Maritime security reports and port assessment

Provides vessel masters, navigating officers, risk managers and fleet managers with up-to-date intelligence about the risks associated with a particular region or location, general port-specific information, and the facility to zoom into the chosen port for sailing directions and anchorage points.

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Sanctions information

Provides valuable, real-time insight on worldwide sanctions based on data provided the US, EU, UN and OFAC. Allows vessel masters, navigating officers, ship’s crew, risk managers, fleet managers, operational superintendents, in-house legal teams and brokers to plan for, and react to, current and developing country-specific sanctions.

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Protection and Indemnity (P&I) support

Shows the location of P&I correspondents and medical/PEME clinics across the globe on an interactive and intuitive global map - providing local support wherever the fleet is located.

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Marine regions information

Provides maritime security charts showing vessel masters, navigating officers, fleet managers and operational superintendents the latest maritime news and security risks, such as piracy reports, plus practical advice – based on the latest information supplied by global authorities.

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