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Web Alert: Piracy - Best Management Practices Version 5 (BMP5)

News & Insights 2 July 2018

The 5th version of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practices has now been published.

The 5th version of the shipping industry’s Best Management Practices has now been published titled Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy and Enhance Maritime Security in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea (BMP5).

BMP5 aims to help mariners risk assess voyages and detect, deter and avoid external threats to their safety.

Alongside BMP5, a new publication called Global Counter Piracy Guidance has been issued, which contains guidance on piracy and armed robbery to be used by seafarers around the world. The purpose of the guidance is to protect seafarers, the ship and cargo, and to facilitate threat and risk assessment and planning for voyages transiting areas where the threat of attack by pirates and armed robbers exists.

As well as the creation of BMP5 and the Global Counter Piracy Guidance, a new website has been launched by shipping industry organisations, supported by military organisations to provide comprehensive maritime security guidance to companies and mariners.

The website will now provide all security-related guidance produced by the industry as well as links to other useful maritime and military security resources.

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