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Web Alert: Nautical Institute launch Navigation Assessment publication

News & Insights 30 November 2016

The Standard Club recently worked with the Nautical Institute (NI) on their new publication ‘Navigation Assessments: A guide to best practice’

The Standard Club recently worked with The Nautical Institute (NI) on their new publication ‘Navigation Assessments: A guide to best practice’ written by Capt. Harry Gale FNI. The publication, launched today, is designed to serve as a guide for organisations which would like to use navigation assessments as a means of monitoring standards onboard their own vessels. The Standard Club has recently carried out a series of navigation risk assessments, in light of the recent trend of preventable navigation based accidents.

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention:

'In recent years, The Standard Club has seen a worrying increase in incidents relating to navigation, which could have been avoided. Carrying out navigation assessments while sailing is essential in order to maintain navigational standards on board and prevent incidents. This book gives detailed guidance on the importance of navigation assessments, how to carry them out properly and what to do with the information obtained. It is a valuable resource for anyone at sea and we are delighted to have worked with The Nautical Institute on it.'

We believe that navigation assessments are an essential tool to determine how safe a vessel’s navigation really is. Our experience indicates that many ships are affected by low level non-compliance and behaviours which put the vessel and the maritime adventure at risk. This publication is a positive step to ensuring that industry stake holders have full visibility of the safety challenges their organisations face. 

Navigation Assessments is available from The Nautical Institute, ISBN: 978 1 906915 51 3

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