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Web Alert: Behaving safely - a new guide

News & Insights 18 October 2018

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A new publication to support The Standard Club's commitment to safety at sea.

The Standard Club has released several publications to support safety at sea. These include ‘The Human Element’, ‘Being Human in safety-critical organisations’ and now ‘Behaving Safely, a practical guide for risky work’.

This new publication takes the form of a pocket guide which is designed to complement the ‘Being Human in safety-critical organisations'.

The book examines the need for safety and how to manage the demands placed on workers. These demands include things like:

  1. the need to get the job done quickly and cheaply
  2. doing the job safely
  3. doing the job to the highest possible standard.

Unfortunately, these demands can often be in competition and workers can be pulled in different directions. The book is designed to provide guidance for workers so that they can recognise when they may be getting the balance wrong and putting safety at risk. Key themes included in the book:

  1. State: how to avoid the effects of tiredness, stress and complacency.
  2. Understanding: how to avoid deceiving ourselves and pay attention to the things that matter.
  3. Goals: how to avoid conflicting goals and stay motivated.
  4. Teamworking: what it is and why you need it.
  5. Emergencies: how do you stop an emergency happening.
  6. Action: taking effective action.

This book's handy size and easy to understand content makes it valuable for anybody undertaking work where safety is a key consideration.

The book is available for purchase online here

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