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Web Alert: AMSA Marine Notice 7/2017: Guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports

News & Insights 24 July 2017

The approach of flag states to the issue of ECDIS familiarisation varies. It is therefore important for shipowners to understand their own flag state’s requirements.

We would like to make members aware of the release of AMSA Marine Notice 7/2017 which supersedes 8/2016.

Marine notice 7/2017 addresses the following areas:

  • Software quality assurance
  • Anomalies
  • ECDIS data presentation and performance check dataset
  • Chart carriage requirements
  • Mode of ECDIS operation
  • ECDIS training requirements
  • Port state control inspections

It states that PSC inspectors may take account of ECDIS related issues, including master and navigating officers being familiar with the operation of the ECDIS equipment fitted and able to demonstrate operational competency.

AMSA’s ECDIS FAQs provide further details of the requirements for familiarisation training, including:

  • how such familiarisation relates to the ISM code
  • what areas familiarisation training should cover
  • confirmation that trickle down training is unacceptable
  • that AMSA port state control inspectors will expect to see documented evidence for generic ECDIS training, but do not expect to see type specific approved training certificates for the purposes of familiarisation training
  • that port state control inspectors may request the master and officers to demonstrate their competence in the use of the equipment installed onboard. 

For full details of AMSA’s requirements relating to ECDIS please visit here or read the document attached on the right.

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