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Standard Cargo Special Edition: Misdeclared Cargo

News & Insights 15 July 2014

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The shipment of an undisclosed cargo can be a shipowner’s worst nightmare and, in some scenarios, can lead to a major casualty, putting the safety of the ship’s crew, hull, cargo and the environment at risk.

In this special edition we cover:

Misdeclaration of Dangerous Cargoes – Calcium Hypochlorite
A series of fires and explosions on container ships at sea has highlighted the dangers surrounding the misdeclaration and incorrect packaging of dangerous cargoes. 

The Cargo Incident Notification System and Organisation
A statistical view on the misdeclaration of cargo. 

The P&I club experience of misdeclared cargoes We discuss two Standard Club case studies involving claims caused by misdeclaratin of cargo. 

Rights of recovery in respect of misdeclared dangerous cargoes
We explore a members rights related to contracts of carriage and charterparties. 

Standard Cargo Special Edition: Misdeclared cargo, July 2014

Category: Cargo

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