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Standard Bulletin, October 2015

News & Insights 27 October 2015

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In this edition, we cover: the LPG trade and its risks, cover for FLNG, America's role as a potential energy exporter, the costs of pollution covered by particular average, widening arrest possibilities in the Netherlands, vessel sharing agreements and the staff spotlight.

In this edition, we cover:

LPG: trade and risks
The current interest in using natural gases is not a new phenomenon. The first ships to transport gas on a commercial scale sailed as early as the late 1950s. However, the industry has seen several advancements, with much more sophisticated production and drilling techniques being utilised. This, together with increasing global demand, has led to larger and more complex gas ships. 

FLNG: risks and cover
This article focuses on the new Floating LNG asset, including its uses, its risks and the insurance covers available. 

How America’s next revolution may ignite global maritime commerce
As the Far East becomes increasingly industrialised, the energy demands of individual states will soon surpass the internal capabilities of all but a few nations, thrusting the USA, traditionally an energy importer, into a new (but welcome) role as a leading energy exporter. This will inevitably create significant opportunities for ship interests. 

Environmental liabilities: a question of reasonableness
Situations in which pollution-related costs can be recovered in general average have been discussed in our previous article in the Standard bulletin, March 2015. We will now consider when the costs of cleaning up pollution in dry dock may be covered by particular average. 

Wider arrest possibilities in the Netherlands under the revised Brussels I Regulation
The Netherlands is widely recognised as an arrest haven, and this has been widened under the revised Brussels I Regulation. 

Vessel Sharing Agreements
Vessel Sharing Agreements are predominantly used by alliances of container lines to pool their resources on popular routes. There is no widely accepted standard form in circulation, so VSAs are usually bespoke. This article discusses some of the difficulties that arise under VSAs and how to mitigate these problems in advance. 

Staff spotlight
Rupert Banks has been working at The Standard Club since 2010. He recently moved to Singapore to take up the role of Regional Claims Director. 

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