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Standard Bulletin: Latin America Special Edition, December 2014

News & Insights 17 December 2014

In this edition we cover: Litigation and settlement in Brazil, the difficulties and opportunities of trading in Latin America, Offshore contracting pitfalls and spotlight on Charles Taylor Adjusting

In this edition, we cover

About the Latin American Team
An introduction to the team servicing our Latin American members and the introduction of our local office in Rio de Janeiro. 

Litigation and settlement in Brazil
The Brazilian jurisdiction presents a few obstacles that need to be tackled adequately, especially regarding duration, adjustment of the claimed amount and the terms of a settlement. 

Latin America - An overview
Trading in this area generates numerous challenges, but a series of public and private investments are making a difference and enabling the region to become competitive. 

Offshore contracting pitfalls
This article examines some of the potential pitfalls made when drafting contracts or making amendments, that can expose members to commercial risk or potential liability. 

Spotlight on Charles Taylor Adjusting
Information about the services available and our focus on Latin America. 

The team
Contact details for the Latin American team and an overview of the Atlantic Syndicate.

Category: Offshore & Renewables

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