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Press Article: Navigational safety: the challenges for improvement – A P&I club's perspective

News & Insights 5 January 2021

In this article, Capt. John Dolan, Deputy Director of Loss Prevention at Standard Club examines why we have navigation-related accidents from a P&I perspective.

Reading the professional P&I examinations study notes recently, I noted the following quotation describing the context that resulted in the formation of the early marine insurance clubs. Essentially, they were places where ‘men of the sea pooled their difficulties and where help (both financial and otherwise) was given in sorting things out.’ This collaborative business model has been commonplace for more than a century; The Standard Club has been supporting its members since 1884.

In recent years, there have been many casualties resulting from poor navigation. This trend is surprising, given the advances that have been made in deck officer training in the past twenty years, particularly in the greater use of advanced navigation systems, and the implementation of safety management systems on board ships which are audited at regular intervals.

Read the full article here.

Category: Loss Prevention

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