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News: Standard Club acknowledges World Mental Health Day 2020

News & Insights 8 October 2020

As we approach World Mental Health Day, we take this opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma. We share a round-up of our recent work focused on seafarer wellbeing.

World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, a day to acknowledge and raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing. This year, the World Mental Health Day comes at a time when we are facing unprecedented disruptions to life as we know it, as we find ourselves navigating a global pandemic and the effect this has on our daily lives.

Seafarer Wellbeing has been a focal topic for Standard Club's Loss Prevention team in recent years, even more so during this pandemic. As we approach World Mental Health Day, we take this opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma. 

Seafarer happiness index dropping from 6.30 in Q1 2020 to 6.18 in Q2 2020 is a clear indication that seafarers need our support in such uncertain times.

Through our publications, initiatives, webinars, and articles we aim to educate our peers and reach those in need of support, and also provide the tools and resources needed to support others, to encourage and promote positive mental wellbeing.

A round-up of our recent work focused on seafarer wellbeing is offered below, but can also be found on our dedicated Seafarer Wellbeing page.


Standard Safety: Seafarer Wellbeing (October 2018) – a special edition Standard Safety publication was released, focusing on seafarer wellbeing as a holistic concept combining physical, mental and social wellbeing. This publication offers advice, key knowledge and tips to look after your wellbeing, and is perhaps as relevent today as it was when released.


1. Seafarer Wellbeing Poster Campaign

Four pairs of posters focus on the topics considered to have the biggest impact on seafarer wellbeing – healthy eating, fitness, mental wellbeing, and socialisation. Designed to grace the walls onboard ships, print and share with your crew and access more information by scanning the QR code.

2. Health and Wellbeing sponsor of The Sea Newspaper

As part of our continued efforts to promote seafarer wellbeing and to reach out to seafarers directly, the club is the proud sponsor of The Mission to Seafarer’s The Sea newspaper

3. Commitment to Health Echoes section of Offing Echoes magazine
Aligning with the club’s vision of doing our part for the maritime industry in generating awareness on the importance of seafarer wellbeing is Offing Echoes, a magazine aimed at Indian marine cadets


Standard Club Seafarer Wellbeing Series

1. A discussion with: Stella Maris and Capt Artur Olbromski – what is the new normal? - September 2020
The discussion focused on various elements of seafarer wellbeing, sharing how Stella Maris is supporting seafarers and their families, and what life is like during the current Covid-19 world health pandemic from a seafarer’s perspective.

2. A discussion with: The Mission to Seafarers - June 2020
The discussion covered various elements of seafarer wellbeing, including the organisation's experience so far in supporting seafarers and their families through the Covid-19 world health pandemic, key issues and support available from the organisation and wider industry.

3. A discussion with: ISWAN - May 2020
The discussion comprised of challenges the COVID-19 world health pandemic has cast unto seafarers, and shared information, advice, and useful resources to help seafarers manage wellbeing. 

Recordings of all of our webinars in this series are available to watch on our YouTube channel here.


There are a number of resources available, however, it is important to highlight that ultimately, your health is in your hands. Seafarers should remain steadfast and committed to maintaining positive health and wellbeing. It is in their interest to watch their diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising, avoid self-isolation by engaging with fellow crew on board or virtually with loved ones, and always remember professional help is only a phone call away.

The club continues to focus on seafarer wellbeing and what more we can do to support our seafarers, and foster a safer shipping industry.

Category: Loss Prevention

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