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Safety and Loss Advisory Committees (SLACs)

These unique committees were established on the advice of the club’s board in 1989 to bring together senior technical and marine directors from the club’s membership, with first-hand experience and knowledge of tackling complex issues.

There are three committees, one each for:

  • the Asia region, serving our members based in Asia
  • the Europe and Americas region, covering both blue-water and offshore-energy-related shipping
  • the club’s London Class, which is for smaller coastal and inland waterways vessels. 

The committees report directly to the club’s board and meet at least twice a year. They examine claims trends and individual claims to determine root causes and recommend preventative measures. 

They also discuss the implications of new regulations and review loss prevention initiatives and other topical subjects affecting the maritime industry. These discussions provide vital direction and detailed input to our loss prevention approach. 

For example, it was a SLAC recommendation that led to development of our member risk reviews, which are now a vital and effective part of the club’s quality assurance process.

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