Standard Club

Standard Club has merged with North to form NorthStandard. Find out more about NorthStandard here or continue on this site to access industry news, publications and expertise, as well as club rules and contacts.  

We have a new UK Emergency Contact number Find out more here

The Standard Club, part of NorthStandard alongside other international partners, is honoured to be part of the Stop Work project, led by Raccoon Games and Quattor P, a safety consultancy and research agency. The project’s aim is to deliver an educational game for seafarers, that will teach its participants in a fun manner the critical importance of stopping work whenever an unforeseen event arises.

As a major marine liability insurer, the Standard Club, part of NorthStandard frequently learns of serious accidents and incidents which arise as the people involved failed to assess risks present and think critically before continuing with the operation. We are, therefore, very supportive of initiatives that encourage safety awareness in the work place and particularly the need for timely and decisive interventions.

We look forward to continuing the work on the development of this game and how it will support our aim to improve safety in the maritime industry.

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