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Alternative Fuels Industry Expertise

In this video series, our topic experts will invite key industry professionals across all maritime fields, including our membership and the Standard Club Alternative Fuels Advisory Panel (SAFAP), to give insights from their area of specialism on challenges, areas of development and their own experiences with regards to meeting industry goals for decarbonisation.

EEXI/CII compliance and the associated challenges for the maritime sector

Capt. Akshat Arora, Senior Surveyor, invites Douglas Raitt, Regional Advisory Services Manager from Lloyd's Register, to discuss the upcoming CII and SEEMP part 3 regulations and the related challenges for the maritime sector.

Spill response and implications of alternative fuels: Biofuels and LNG

Eva Kelesidou, Senior Claims Executive is joined by Andrew Le Masurier, Technical Advisor at ITOPF and fellow SAFAP panellist, for a discussion on spillage response and the handling of alternative fuels, focusing specifically on LNG and biofuels. They also discuss the implications of spills of this kind on the environment and potential claims trends.


Spill response and handling of alternative fuels: Ammonia, Hydrogen and Methanol

Eva Kelesidou, Senior Claims Executive is once again joined by Andrew Le Masurier, Technical Advisor at ITOPF for a discussion on spillage response, this time focusing on ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. They also discuss incidents and potential claims scenarios related to the handling of these alternative fuels. 

Member journeys to decarbonisation

In this unique video series, our Alternative Fuels Working Group interview organisations from our membership on their experiences with decarbonisation so far, including their progress, challenges and outlook for the future, as they transition to greener energy solutions.

Alassia Newships Management Inc.

Eva Kelesidou, Senior Claims Executive, invites Alassia Newships Management Inc. Founder and Chairman Nicolas Hadjioannou, and Basil Sakellis, Managing Director, in to our Greek office to share their experience and insights on decarbonisation.

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