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Standard Club has merged with North to form NorthStandard. Find out more about NorthStandard here or continue on this site to access industry news, publications and expertise, as well as club rules and contacts.  

We have a new UK Emergency Contact number Find out more here

While there are many support resources available, seafarers’ health is ultimately in their own hands. We should encourage them to remain steadfast and committed to maintaining positive health and wellbeing, and remind them that professional help is always on hand.

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Seafarer wellbeing poster campaign

Created for the bulkheads of our members’ ships, this award-winning poster series focuses on healthy eating, fitness, mental wellbeing and socialisation. Seafarers get valuable advice on looking after specific areas of their wellbeing by scanning QR codes on each poster. See the posters

Seafarers Happiness Index Report 2022

The Standard Club is a proud sponsor of the Seafarers Happiness Index, a report by Mission to Seafarers. Read latest 2022 Q4 report.

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The Neptune Declaration on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change

We are delighted to be a signatory to the Global Maritime Forum’s 2021 Neptune Declaration, which focuses on overcoming the current and familiar seafarer crisis, enabling crew changes and repatriation.

Health Echo section of Offing Echoes magazine

We are pleased to provide an ongoing contribution to the Health and Wellbeing section of Offing Echoes, an India-based magazine aimed at marine cadets. The magazine also regularly features all 4 sets of our seafarer wellbeing posters.

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Standard Safety: Seafarer Wellbeing

Published in 2018, this special edition Standard Safety has a mix of articles reflecting the fact that seafarer wellbeing is a holistic concept combining physical, mental and social wellbeing.

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Seafarer wellbeing webinars

We have run several globally attended seafarer wellbeing webinars during the Covid-19 pandemic, with guest appearances from experienced seafarers and international seafarer support organisations. All are free to download from our YouTube channel.

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Maritime press articles

We have published numerous seafarer wellbeing articles in international maritime newspapers and magazines. All are availabe in Knowledge & News.

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Health and wellbeing sponsor of The Sea newspaper

We are proud to be the Health and Wellbeing sponsor of The Mission to Seafarer's The Sea newspaper. Sign up to the mailing list to make sure your crews receive it.

Supporting the Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme

We are proud to be supporting the Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea programme, an initiative which gives seafarers the tools to manage these issues before they turn into a crisis. Find out more about the programme.

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