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Unrest in Malaysia and the Philippines

News & Insights 19 March 2013

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have released the following information

On 9 February around 100 armed men from the Sulu archipelago landed on the eastern coast of Sabah and occupied the small village of Kampung Tanduo approximately 100 km east of Lahad Datu.

Malaysian security forces have surrounded the village. On 1 March there was an exchange of fire and a number of fatalities. On 3 March there were reports of further incidents on the coast between Lahad Datu and Semporna. Additional Malaysian security forces were sent to the area on 4 March and on 5 March airstrikes and other military action was reported against locations held by the armed group from Sulu around Kampung Tanduo.

Several countries have issued travel alerts to their citizens advising against travelling to the eastern part of Sabah, particularly Lahad Datu, Kunak, Tawau and Semporna.

There are eight main seaports in Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Sepangar Bay, Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu, Kudat, Kunak and Labuan) all of which are said to be operating normally at present.

If any members have vessels calling at the above ports then please contact the club and we will get an update from local correspondents.

We recommend that members trading into the area monitor the situation for example by monitoring websites such as that of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


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