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Speaking: 21st International P&I Conference

Events & Training 17 January 2022

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The theme of the conference this year is 'Reckoning with reality: What do the challenges which have recently been emerging within the P&I landscape mean for the clubs, and how should the clubs confront them?'.

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Philip Stephenson, Regional Claims Director at Standard Club will be contributing to discussions focusing on alternative fuels, as part of the topic no.4 panel. This event will be held virtually. 


14:00  Opening Address

  • Ms. Irene S. Daifas, CEO of Stavros Daifas Maritime Co. SA. - President of the BoD of the PMC
  • Ms. Maria S. Prevezanou, Director of Evmar Marine Services Ltd. - Treasurer of the BoD of the PMC/Organiser of the Conference

14:10  Introduction by the Chairman of the meeting

  • Mr. Lou Kollakis, Honorary Chairman of Chartworld Shipping Corp.

14:15 Topic No.1: Is the sustainability of the P&I mutual system at risk? Is the ever increasing aggregate volume of pool claims taking a toll on the system?

  • Mr. Lou Kollakis, Honorary Chairman, Chartworld Shipping Corp.
  • Mr. Tom Bowsher, Group CEO, West of England Insurance Services SA
  • Mr.  Joe Hughes, CEO, The American Club  
  • Mr. Stephen Martin, Executive Chairman, Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd
  • Mr. Ed Davies, CFO, The North of England P&I Association Limited

15: 00  Topic No.2: Why has P&I premium pricing been in significant decline over the last decade and where might it be expected to go over the next five years?

  • Mr. George D. Gourdomichalis, Managing Director, Phoenix Shipping & Trading S.A
  • Mr. Andrew J. Taylor, CEO, Thomas Miller P&I Ltd ( UK Club)
  • Mr. Kjell-Ake  Augustsson, Senior Vice President, Head of Skuld Piraeus, Skuld
  • Mr. Ludvig Nyhlen, Area Manager Team Piraeus, The Swedish Club
  • Mr. Dimitris Batalis, General Manager – Greece, The Shipowners Club (SOP)

15: 45  Topic No.3: Do the operators of vessels which bring disproportionate exposures both to individual clubs and to the larger mutuality of the International Group as a whole make a fair contribution to the cost of those exposures?

  • Mr. Dinos Caroussis, Director, Chios Navigation ( Hellas ) Ltd.
  • Mr. Paul Jennings, Chairman of the International Group of P&I Clubs and CEO of North of England P&I Association Limited
  • Mr. Bjørnar Andresen, CUO, Gard As
  • Mr. Steve Roberts, Director, The London P&I Club

16:20   Topic No.4: Decarbonisation and Alternative Fuels are today's need and tomorrow's reality. What  claims will likely be raised in this connection and will P&I Clubs stand by their members on these?

  • Mr. Vasilis Bacolitsas, Director, Sea Pioneer Shipping Corporation
  • Mr. Philip Stephenson, Regional Claims Director, Standard Club
  • Mr Konstantinos Samaritis, Divisional Director, Britannia Steam Ship Insurance

16:45  Closing remarks by the Chairman Mr. Lou Kollakis 

类别: Alternative Fuels

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