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In this section you can download and view The Standard Club's Rules. The rules set out the risks covered by the club as well as terms upon which cover is given.

To search the club’s rules from previous years, use the quick links on the right.

The rules are kept under regular review. 

The format of the rules has changed for 2020/21. See more information here


P&I Rules 2020/21

Core book cover

Defence Class Rules 2020/21

Defence book cover

Athens 2002 PLR extension clause 2020/21 - Standard UK Athens 2002 PLR extension clause 2020/21 - Standard Ireland

Inland and Coastal (London Class) P&I Rules 2020/21

Inland book cover

Fixed Premium Rules 2020/21

Fixed book cover

Offshore P&I Rules 2020/21

Offshore book cover

Strike and Delay Class Rules 2020/21

Strike book cover

Singapore War Risks Mutual Class Rules 2020/21

SWRM book cover

War Risks Class Rules 2020/21

War book cover


Additional information

Club cover and rules - ship arrest and security

Club cover and rules - ship arrest and security


Discretionary claims

A discretionary claim or claim for consideration is a claim that the managers have no power to agree to pay and that only the board may approve. The below guidelines look at the mechanism for the handling of discretionary claims by the club and three types of discretionary claims that arise under specific rules: fines, sue and labour and omnibus.

Discretionary claims - an overview

Discretionary Claims - An overview

Discretionary Claims - Discretionary
fines, sue and labour and omnibus

Discretionary Claims - Discretionary fines, sue and labour and omnibus

Standard Bulletin: Post Board Special Edition, February 2015 

Standard Bulletin Post-board Special Edition, February 2015


Standard Bulletin: Special Edition, Devember 2013 

Standard Bulletin Special Edition, December 2013

Marpol fines in the US, September 2013 

September 2013

Standard Bulletin, december 2007


Web alert: Australia - MARPOL Annex-V violations and the possible consequences, 24 February 2015

Web alert: new sentencing guidelines to be introduced in the UK for Health and Safety offences, 16 February 2015

Web alert: The Erin Schulte - A nasty reminder of the risks an owner is taking when complying with a request to deliver cargo without presentation of the original bills of lading, 13 November 2014

Sulphur reduction – MARPOL Annex VI: the club’s perspective

Standard Bulletin, March 2015



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