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Web Alert: IACS publish new recommendations on cyber safety

22 October 2018

Following a huge increase in the use of onboard cyber-systems, IACS has developed a series of Recommendations with a view to reflecting the cyber resilience that will be required of vessels with increasing interdependencies. 
The IACS Chairman, Mr Jeong-kie Lee of the Korean Register, stated 'These 12 Recommendations represent a significant mile-stone in addressing safety concerns related to cyber issues.  IACS focus on Cyber Safety reflects our recognition that cyber systems are now as integral a part of a ships safety envelope as its structure and machinery and IACS is committed to providing industry with the necessary tools as part of our wider mission to deliver safer, cleaner, shipping.'
These Recommendations are only the start in the ongoing efforts to maintain the cyber integrity of vessels. IACS has launched these Recommendations in the expectation that they will rapidly evolve as a result of the experience gained from their practical implementation.  Furthermore, IACS recognises that these Recommendations are only an ‘interim’ product and that they will be subject to amalgamation and adaptation over time.
The 12 Recommendations are:


Rec No
Rec 153
Rec 154
Rec 155
Rec 156
Rec 157
Rec 158
Physical Security of onboard computer based systems
Target date Q4 2018
Rec 159
Rec 160
Vessel System Design
Target date Q4 2018
Rec 161
Rec 162
Rec 163
Rec 164
Communication and Interfaces
Target date Q4 2018
IACS has issued a press release accompanying the above Recommendations and can be found on the IACS Website
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