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Web Alert: Togo accedes to two IMO treaties covering unlawful acts at sea and anti-fouling

16 February 2017

The IMO has announced that Togo has acceded to two treaties dealing with unlawful acts against the safety of maritime navigation, and the control of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships.

The SUA Convention was adopted to respond to unlawful acts against ships, such as the seizure of ships by force; acts of violence against persons on board ships; and the placing of devices on board a ship which are likely to destroy or damage it. The Convention allows boarding by State Parties and obliges Contracting Governments to either extradite or prosecute alleged offenders. In 2005, a protocol was passed adding further offences to the Convention.

Parties to the AFS Convention are required to prohibit and/or restrict the use of harmful anti-fouling systems on ships flying their flag, as well as ships which operate under their authority and all ships that enter a port, shipyard or offshore terminal of a Party. The Convention prohibits the use of harmful organotins in anti-fouling paints used on ships and establishes a mechanism to prevent the potential future use of other harmful substances in anti-fouling systems.