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Web alert: Amendments to IMSBC Code

06 January 2014

A number of amendments to the IMSBC Code have been issued by the IMO which are scheduled for early implementation. The first concerns changes to the individual schedule for 'Iron ore fines' and modified 'Proctor/Fagerberg test'. The second set of amendments concerns the 'Assessment of acceptability of consignments for safe shipment' and 'Test procedures for cargoes which may liquefy'.


1) Early implementation of draft amendments to the IMSBC Code relating to the carriage and testing of Iron Ore Fines.

The IMO's Maritime Safety Committee, at its ninety-first session, authorised the issue of a DSC circular on early implementation of new draft schedules for iron ore fines.

Therefore DSC 18 prepared a draft individual schedule for 'iron ore fines', a draft amendment to the individual schedule for 'iron ore' and a draft amendment to appendix 2 to the IMSBC Code concerning a "modified Proctor/Fagerberg test procedure for iron ore fines"​.

Taking into account that the mandatory entry into force of these amendments will be 1 January 2017, the IMO & DSC 18  have agreed to invite SOLAS contracting governments to voluntarily implement the aforementioned draft schedules and test procedures as soon as possible.

Members who regularly trade in the transport of Iron Ore Fines should ensure that they are fully conversant with these amendments and their implications for their trade. Please see the attached DSC circular for more information.

The full version of the amendments to the IMSBC can be found here


2) Early implementation of amendment 02-13 to the IMSBC Code

The Maritime Safety committee has invited SOLAS contracting governments to implement amendment 02-13 as soon as practicable, in particular sections 4 and 8, taking into account that the entry into force date of the amendment is expected to be 1 January 2015.

The amendments include a change to paragraphs in sections 4 and 8 of the IMSBC Code, specifically (in section 4) 'Assessment of acceptability of consignments for safe shipment' and (in section 8) 'Test procedures for cargoes which may liquefy'.

IMO MSC.1/Circ. 1452 is attached for member’s further information.