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新闻发布:合并计划正式获批且正有序推进,NorthStandard 将成为海上保险重要力量

News & Insights 12 October 2022

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获得竞争和监管机构的批准是合并 North 和 Standard Club 并建立 NorthStandard 计划中的重要一步。

新闻发布:合并计划正式获批且正有序推进,NorthStandard 将成为海上保险重要力量

获得竞争和监管机构的批准是合并 North 和 Standard Club 并建立 NorthStandard 计划中的重要一步。

NorthStandard 计划于 2023 年 2 月 20 日正式成立,合并正式完成后,将立即见证海事行业最大的互保提供商之一诞生。合并后的组织共拥有 300 余年的保赔历史积淀,年度保费可达约 7.5 亿美元。

Standard Club 首席执行官 Jeremy Grose 和 North 首席执行官 Paul Jennings 表示,新组织会将全球海事风险管理领域最富盛名的部分专家团队汇聚一堂。

Grose 表示:“获得世界各地关键地区数家监管和竞争机构的批准,是我们落实合并计划打造 NorthStandard 的关键一步,使我们能够向我们的会员和经纪人提供一系列具有竞争力的优质服务。”

“建立 NorthStandard,我们将可以充分利用合并的优势。我们致力于提供卓越服务,通过多元化的产品组合、规模化经济和全球触角开发新的商业机会,从而增强金融稳定性并进一步激发行业竞争。”Jennings 表示,“航运业又将迎来复杂且艰巨的一年,我们很高兴合并后的协会能按原计划于 2023 年 2 月 20 日进军市场。”

“NorthStandard 使 International Group of P&I Clubs 内两家独特的互保倡导者联手,双方的文化、抱负和方法都非常契合,有望为全体会员带来更多价值。”Grose表示,“通过此次合并,我们将与 North 的同事共同努力,打造一个强大的组织应对航运界不断变化中的挑战。”

Jennings 强调,NorthStandard 的规模将吸引并留住更多优秀人才,这有助于合并后的协会提供更高水平的服务,驱动创新,寻找多元化的新机会。

他说:“NorthStandard 将成为海上保险领域一股新的重要力量,为会员提供其保赔合作伙伴所需的弹性,以应对航运世界紧迫的挑战。”

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About North P&I Club:

North P&I is a leading global marine insurer providing P&I, FD&D, war risks, hull and machinery, and ancillary insurance to over 250 million GT of owned and chartered tonnage. Through its Sunderland Marine brand, North also provides cover for fishing vessels, small craft, aquaculture risks and owners’ fixed premium. The S&P Global ‘A’ rated Club is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with regional offices and subsidiaries in Australasia, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Greece, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and USA. North is a leading member of the International Group of P&I Clubs (IG), with over 12% of the IG’s owned tonnage. The 13 IG clubs provide liability cover for approximately 90% of the world’s ocean-going tonnage and, as a member of the IG, North protects and promotes the interests of the international shipping industry.





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About The Standard Club

Standard Club is a mutual insurance association and member of the International Group of P&I clubs, owned by its shipowner members and controlled by a board of directors drawn from the membership. The club offers a combination of mutual and fixed-premium covers tailored to suit shipowners, operators and charterers, and has been insuring them for their liabilities to third parties for over 135 years. Standard Club insures about 10% of the world fleet, including bluewater vessels, coastal and inland operators, and specialist offshore vessels. The club also offers other services such as War Risks, and Strike & Delay, a primary business interruption cover that protects a shipowner or charterer when their vessel is held up by strikes, port closures, collisions, breakdowns and other unexpected delays. Standard Club prides itself on quality of service to members, having a personal approach, and sets great store in responsiveness and support at all times, especially in times of crisis. Claims are managed from one of our six international offices, and our global reach is expanded by our extensive correspondent network to provide support wherever, and whenever it is needed. We also put an emphasis on financial strength and stability, which has resulted in an S&P A rating and no unbudgeted supplementary calls for over 20 years.


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