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Press Article: Banning dangerous cargoes not the solution to stamping out container fires

News & Insights 15 May 2019

Yves Vandenborn, director of loss prevention for the Standard Club, explains why he believes that banning dangerous cargoes is not the solution to stopping container fires.

Banning dangerous cargoes is not the solution to stopping container fires, rather ensuring proper declaration and stowage according to P&I insurers The Standard Club.

Mis-declared dangerous cargoes have been in the spotlight given the number of container cargo fires in recent years that have led to major casualties, including the fatal Maersk Honam blaze last year and the Yantian Express this year.

One reaction from some container lines has been to simply ban the carriage of cargoes such as calcium hypochlorite, but Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention for The Standard Club, believes this the wrong approach.

The article is available on the right, and on the Seatrade Maritime News website

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