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International Group video series - Group activities: Collectively stronger

News & Insights 23 September 2021

International Group Chair Paul Jennings and Group CEO Nick Shaw discuss the Group’s activities over the last 6 months.

Big container ship

The International Group will be sending out a series of videos reviewing topics such as pool claims, current and future challenges for the Group and collective expertise on marine liability issues.

In this second video Group Chair Paul Jennings and Group CEO Nick Shaw discuss:

  • How The International Group is able to share all 13 Group Clubs’ collective expertise on marine P&I liability issues to assist all Club shipowner members and help to facilitate global trade.
  • How through the Group’s P&I Qualification programme we help to train and share knowledge and experience with a wide spectrum of industry stakeholders
  • How the Clubs’ global network of approved Correspondent, provide professional and reliable support in handling local issues and claims.

Watch the video here:

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