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Improved traffic management in Changjiangkou: Notice by Shanghai MSA

News & Insights 3 February 2023

To improve the flow of traffic to and from the Yangtze River and Shanghai port as well as safely navigating towards the North or South along the coast, the Shanghai MSA office has issued a notice on strengthening the vessel traffic management in Changjiangkou.

Two mooring men in sunset

Following this, Wusong MSA, a sub-branch of the Shanghai MSA has published a further circular with their interpretation of the notice.

The Changjiangkou ship routing system includes both a North-South and an East-West zone and experiences heavy traffic which often leads to complex navigational situations. The new requirements will assist in easing the traffic flow, enhance the communication between the ships and the VTS and reduce the risk of collision.

Club correspondent Oasis P&I has released a circular issuing guidance on the new requirements and this is available at the bottom of the page.

We recommend our members to exercise caution and share this information with their sailing staff.

The club would like to thank Oasis P&I for this information.

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