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7.1 - Notification

A member must promptly notify the managers in writing:

  1. of every matter; and
  2. of every claim made by a third party against him

which may lead to a claim for recovery, and in all events no later than 12 months after the member or his agents become aware or ought reasonably to have been aware of such matter or claim.


A member must submit his claim for reimbursement of any liabilities within 12 months of discharging or settling them, and must produce in support of each claim all information the managers may require.

7.3 - Documentation

A member must notify the managers of any information or documentation in his power, custody, control or knowledge relevant to any matter and must, as soon as requested by the managers, give to the club and/or to the experts or lawyers appointed to act on his behalf all such documentation and allow it to be inspected and copied.


A member must allow the managers, or the appointed experts or lawyers, to interview any person employed by the member whom the managers consider may have knowledge of the matter. If any such person is required to give evidence at any legal proceedings relating to a matter, the member will use his best endeavours to make sure he attends.

7.5 - Developments

A member must keep the managers fully informed of the progress of any matter which will or may cause the member to incur liabilities for which he is or may be insured by the club in whole or in part, including any costs or expenses, and of any action proposed in relation to such matter.

7.6 - Settlement

A member must not settle, compromise or admit liability for any matter for which he is or may be insured by the club in whole or in part without the approval of the managers or without complying with any requirements of the managers for making provision for any costs or expenses incurred by the club. If he does so, he will be liable to pay by way of indemnity to the club such sum as the managers may determine against the costs or expenses it may have been put to in respect of such matter.

7.7 - Recovery

Where a member has made a claim against another party and has become entitled to a recovery, there shall be credited and paid to the club from such recovery an amount corresponding to the sum paid by the club, including any interest and costs, or such lesser sum as the managers may determine.


A member who incurs any costs or expenses without the agreement of the managers, or without the matter being conducted by an expert or lawyer appointed or previously approved by the managers, will not be entitled to reimbursement of such costs or expenses by the club without the approval of the managers.

7.9 - Evidence

A member must not withhold or conceal any evidence which it is or may be relevant to disclose, or make any false statement. If such evidence is withheld or concealed or false statement is made, any liabilities already incurred or reimbursed by the club must be repaid by the member.

8.1 - Powers of the managers relating to the handling of claims

The managers have the right to control or direct the conduct of any matter or legal proceedings relating to any liabilities in respect of which the member is or may be insured by the club in whole or in part, and in particular to direct the member to use a particular expert or lawyer.


The managers have the right to require the member to settle, compromise or otherwise dispose of any matter or proceeding in such manner as they see fit.


The managers may at any time on notice to the member withdraw their approval of any expert or lawyer appointed to act on behalf of the member; in such circumstances, the member will have no further entitlement to reimbursement of any of the costs or expenses of that expert or lawyer unless and to the extent the board otherwise determines.


The managers may at any time appoint, on behalf of a member at the expense of the club subject to the applicable deductible, experts or lawyers to deal with any matter which may result in liabilities in respect of which the member is or may be insured by the club in whole or in part.

8.5 - Effect of non-compliance

If a member fails to comply with any requirement under rules 7 and 8, the club shall not be under any obligation to reimburse him unless the board otherwise determines.

9.1 - Security

The club is under no obligation to provide security on behalf of a member, but where it is provided it shall be on such terms as the managers consider appropriate and shall not constitute any admission of liability by the club for the claim in respect of which it is given.


A member on whose behalf the club has provided security, with or without the member’s express authority, shall on demand replace the security or pay to the club a sum corresponding to the amount of such security whether or not such amount may be recoverable in whole or in part from the club.


In no case shall the club be liable for the detention of the ship, or for any other detention or attachment of a member’s assets, or for any damage whatsoever caused to a member by reason of the provision or non-provision of security.


A member shall upon demand reimburse the club such sum or sums as the club has paid on his behalf or under security provided by the club to the extent that such payment is, in the opinion of the managers, in respect of liabilities not recoverable from the club.

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