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The rules, which are subject to the articles, contain the terms upon which P&I cover is given by the club.


The standard risks against which a member is insured are set out in rule 3. 


A member may be insured in respect of risks other than those set out in rule 3, or in respect of risks otherwise excluded, where such risks have been agreed by the managers. 


Any such risks are covered subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the rules.


The managers may reinsure any such risk and, in the event that such reinsurance is arranged, the member is entitled to recover from the club only the net amount actually recovered under such reinsurance together with that portion of the risk retained by the club, whether or not the member has notice of such reinsurance, its terms or the identity of the reinsurers.


No act, omission, course of dealing or forbearance or reimbursement by the club shall be treated as any evidence of a waiver of the club’s rights under the rules.


The rules and any contract of insurance between the club and any insured party are governed by and construed in accordance with English law. In particular, they are subject to and incorporate the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and, upon its entry into force, the  Insurance Act 2015 and any statutory modifications thereto unless such Acts or modifications may have been excluded by the rules or by any term of such contract.


The following provisions of the Insurance Act 2015 (‘the Act’) are excluded from the rules and any contract of insurance as follows:

  1. Section 8 and Section 14 of the Act are excluded. As a result, any breach of the duty of fair presentation and/or the duty of utmost good faith shall entitle the club to avoid the policy in all circumstances.

  2. Section 10 of the Act is excluded. As a result, if the member or any insured party fails to comply with any warranty in these rules or any contract of insurance, the club shall be discharged from liability from the date of the breach even if the breach is subsequently remedied.

  3.  Section 11 of the Act is excluded. As a result, if the member or any insured party fails to comply with any term in these rules or any contract of insurance, the club’s liability may be excluded, limited or discharged in accordance with these rules notwithstanding that the breach could not have increased the risk of the loss which actually occurred.

  4. Section 13 of the Act is excluded. As a result, the club shall be entitled to exercise its right to terminate the contract of insurance in respect of the member and all insured parties in the event that a fraudulent claim is submitted by or on behalf of the member and/or any insured party and/or any affiliated or associated company of the member.

  5. Section 13(A) of the Act is excluded. As a result, these rules or any contract of insurance between the club, the member and any insured party shall not be subject to any implied term that the club will pay any sums due in respect of a claim within a reasonable time save that the club may not deliberately or recklessly fail to do so.


The terms of entry and the insurance provided by the club do not confer any right or benefit on any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, except to the extent provided in rule 6.16.

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