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Standard Club and North are becoming NorthStandard on 20 February 2023. For more information on NorthStandard visit our info page. If you would like more information regarding the changes for Standard Club members and clients click here.

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8.1 - Classiffication And Condition Of Ships

Unless otherwise agreed by the managers, the following are conditions of the insurance of every ship: (1) the ship must be and remain fully classed with a classification society approved by the managers or, provided agreed by the managers, remain fully approved by the government authority responsible for ship certification for the trade in question (hereafter ‘society/authority’); (2) any matter in respect of which the society/authority might make recommendations about action to be taken must be promptly reported to the society/authority; (3) the member must comply with all the rules, recommendations and requirements of the society/authority within the time or times specified by that society/authority; (4) the managers may inspect any document, and/or obtain any information relating to the maintenance of the ship’s class or approval, in the possession of any society/authority with which the ship is or at any time has been classed or approved, and the member authorises such society/authority to disclose such documents and/or information to the managers for whatever purposes they may consider necessary; and (5) the member must comply with all statutory requirements including, but not limited to, the ship’s flag state relating to the construction, adaptation, condition, fitment, equipment, manning and operation of the ship and must at all times maintain the validity of such statutory certificates as are required or issued by or on behalf of the ship’s flag state, including those in respect of the ISM and ISPS codes.


Unless and to the extent the board otherwise decides, a member is not entitled to any recovery under rules 3.22 to 3.32 and 3.35 in respect of any loss arising during a period when any of the conditions in rule 8.1 have not been complied with or at any time during the three preceding months.

8.3 - Ship Risk Reviews

The managers may, as a condition of acceptance or renewal of entry in the club or at any time thereafter, appoint a surveyor to undertake a ship risk review in respect of an applicant’s or member’s ship within a specified period. In the light of such ship risk review, the managers may decline the application, refuse to renew the entry or impose conditions on the terms of entry as they see fit.

8.4 - Operational Reviews

The managers may at any time, or following an incident for which a member may be insured by the club, appoint a surveyor to undertake a review of the member’s operations within a specified period. If the review does not take place within such period, no claim for recovery as a result of any incident arising after the expiry of such period will be allowed until such time as the review has been carried out, unless the board otherwise determines.

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