North and Standard Club Logo Lockup

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Standard Club and North are becoming NorthStandard on 20 February 2023. For more information on NorthStandard visit our info page. If you would like more information regarding the changes for Standard Club members and clients click here.

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1 - Cover

Liabilities insofar as they fall within the standard cover under rule 3, but which arise under the terms of an indemnity or contract falling outside the standard rule 3 risks. The terms of any such indemnity or contract made by the member must have been approved by the managers. Cover is limited to such sum and to such of the liabilities covered under rule 3 as may be agreed by the managers.

2 - Exclusions

There shall be no recovery for liabilities: 

  1. for which the member is covered if the ship is entered for standard risks in the club or another insurer affording equally wide cover;
  2. relating to any of the risks which are excluded by the rules or in the member’s certificate of entry, unless otherwise agreed by the managers; 
  3. or losses accepted, assumed or incurred by the member:
    • (i) as a consequence of the terms of any contract or indemnity that extend the member’s liability up to any amounts that are recoverable under any insurance; or
    • (ii) under any risk allocation, exclusion, limitation, indemnity or hold harmless clause that seeks to vary the member’s liability by reference to the availability and/or extent of the member’s insurance; unless and to the extent that the managers, acting in their sole discretion, shall determine.

3 - Deductible and limit of cover

The applicable deductible and limit of club cover shall be that set out in the member’s certificate of entry.

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