North and Standard Club Logo Lockup

Soon to be

Standard Club and North are becoming NorthStandard on 20 February 2023. For more information on NorthStandard visit our info page. If you would like more information regarding the changes for Standard Club members and clients click here.

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The Board shall with effect from such date after the end of each Policy Year as they think fit declare that such Policy Year shall be closed.


If upon the closing of any policy year or at any time thereafter the aggregate of the contributions, premiums and other receipts paid and payable for that policy year shall be found to exceed the aggregate of claims, expenses, outgoings, transfers to reserves and provisions referred to in rule 21, the excess shall be disposed of by being brought forward to the next open policy year and made available for the payment of claims, expenses, outgoings, transfers to reserves and provisions arising in respect of that policy year. PROVIDED ALWAYS that: the board may order that the excess or any part thereof may be returned to the insured owners insured for the relevant policy year and, if the board shall so decide, the excess or part thereof shall be returned to such insured owners in such proportions and having regard to such considerations as the board shall determine and the decision of the board with regard thereto shall be conclusive and binding upon all insured owners.

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