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The guidance and advice from the club helps members operate as safely as possible, stay ahead of changing regulations and mitigate operating risks. Our team of experienced lawyers and technical experts specialise in particular ship types or geographical regions so they can provide tailored and relevant advice and guidance. These teams contribute to the wealth of best practice knowledge, news and opinion available to members

News items in 2019

Date Title

22 Jul 2019

Web Alert: Industry release reporting guidance for vessels transiting the Arabian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman

Further to the club’s web alert on 17 June and article on 19 July, the industry has issued the following reporting guidance for vessels transiting the Arabian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman.

22 Jul 2019

Press Article: Working for a safer industry

Caitlin Kelly of Seaways, the international journal of The Nautical Institute, talks to Capt. Yves Vandenborn AFNI, Director of Loss Prevention at The Standard Club about his experience at sea and career ashore.

19 Jul 2019

Article: Tanker attacks in Fujairah and Gulf of Oman

In light of the recent attacks on tankers in Fujairah and the Gulf of Oman, and rising tensions in the area generally, the club has issued the following guidance which discusses club cover, risk mitigation and legal implications on contractual issues that members may face.

19 Jul 2019

Web Alert: Ebola update

The WHO Director General accepted the Emergency Committee’s proposal and on the 17 July 2019, declared the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

19 Jul 2019

Web Alert: Grounded bulker in the Martín García channel

A laden handy size bulker is reported as grounded since Tuesday in the Martín García channel, located between Uruguay and Argentina in the northern part of the Rio de la Plata estuary.

19 Jul 2019

Press Article: IMO 2020 the risks facing those that insure tankers

David Roberts, managing director of Charles Taylor Mutual Management (Asia), which manages The Standard Club Asia Ltd, discusses the risks facing tanker insurers from IMO 2020.

18 Jul 2019

Article: IMO 2020 - Bunker tank cleaning and preparation to receive compliant fuel

Members who have chosen to achieve compliance with the regulations by using low sulphur fuel oil, will need to start preparatory and precautionary steps several months ahead of the regulatory enforcement date.

12 Jul 2019

Article: Hire Suspended for Vessel Seized by Pirates

The Commercial Court dismissed a shipowners' claim for hire exceeding USD 4.5 million for the period that the vessel 'Eleni P' was seized and detained by Somali pirates in the Arabian sea. In this decision the court applied fundamental principles of contractual construction in a time charter context.

12 Jul 2019

Web Alert: Libya Update July 2019

The situation in Libya remains volatile and highly unpredictable. Vessels calling at Libyan ports can expect delays and are reminded to contact vessel agents to notify them of their schedules prior to arrival.

12 Jul 2019

Press Article: Time to put some real thrills into shipboard drills

Capt. Yves Vandenborn highlights the seriousness of overlooking safety drills, which is commonplace on ships, and explains why they should not be gentle reminders of procedure, but instead truly memorable and engaging learning experiences.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Mega box ship bulletin introduction

As the size of container ships has steadily increased, so has the level of difficulty in handling casualties involving them. This special edition of the standard bulletin looks at the different legal, technical and practical considerations.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Force majeure and failure to present cargo. How is your exceptions clause drafted?

A charterer failed to present cargo shipments under a long-term contract of affreightment (COA) for shipments of iron ore pellets from Brazil. When a dam burst at the iron ore mine, the charterer sought to rely on a mutual exceptions / force majeure clause to avoid responsibility for all subsequent shipments.

11 Jul 2019

Article: An overview of the insurance implications of a mega box ship casualty

A mega box ship casualty will result in a number of losses and third party liabilities for an owner. This article looks at the major areas of P&I cover that respond to a major casualty incident.

11 Jul 2019

Article: The technical challenges of mega box ship casualties

The increasing size of mega box ships presents a number of important technical challenges in a casualty situation that must be properly considered when assessing and dealing with the ship, in order to minimise loss and damage.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Finding a port or place of refuge

In the event of a casualty, one of the first issues for the owners and salvors of a mega box ship to grapple with will be to identify a place or port of refuge willing and able to accept the damaged ship and cargo. This article looks at the potential difficulties.

11 Jul 2019

Article: If General Average is declared...

In practice, the principles of GA are the same whether the ship is a bulk carrier with one consignment of cargo or a container vessel carrying 20,000 TEU of containerised goods. The practical issues do, however, increase in scope depending on the scale and complexity of the casualty and number of interests involved.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Post-casualty management of the cargo

This article provides practical advice on how to handle the complex logistical task of managing distressed and undamaged containers following a mega box ship incident.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Responding to a mega box ship casualty – a salvor’s perspective

This article gives a personal view of the most important considerations for shipowners and salvors when faced with a mega box ship casualty.

11 Jul 2019

Article: The role of the SCR in the salvage of mega box ships

This article uses an SCR’s insight to consider the salvage priorities for a mega box ship casualty.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Investigating fires in box ship casualties

The investigation of the cause of a cargo fire or explosion on a mega box ship can be a complex affair involving a number of different scientific disciplines. This article outlines some key considerations.