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Rules: 2023 - 2024

We take the time to understand your P&I claim, not just follow a rigid process.

What is the purpose of the P&I rules?

The Standard Club's P&I rules are designed to provide a comprehensive set of conditions that regulate the relationship between you and the P&I club. The P&I rules also govern risk management and loss prevention strategies, which can assist members in avoiding claims. P&I rules offer a structure and ensure that members have a complete and dependable source of insurance cover to protect their businesses. 

Why is it essential to have access to the latest version of P&I rules?

Members of a P&I club should have access to the most recent version of the P&I rules. The rules outline a complete set of terms and conditions that lay out the guidelines of your relationship with the club. Any modifications to the rules may affect your ability to claim or comply with regulations. It is important that you refer to the most up-to-date guidance by accessing the most recent version of the rules. 

Are there any changes to the P&I rules from year to year?

Yes, the P&I rules may change each year if there have been any changes in the shipping industry. Members must keep updated with any changes to ensure they are compliant and adequately covered. 

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