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Standard Club and North are becoming NorthStandard on 20 February 2023. For more information on NorthStandard visit our info page. If you would like more information regarding the changes for Standard Club members and clients click here.

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Without prejudice to any other provisions of these Rules and without waiving any of the Association’s rights hereunder, the Managers may at any and all times appoint and employ on behalf of the Insured Owner upon such terms as the Managers may think fit lawyers, surveyors or other persons for the purpose of dealing with any matter which might give rise to a claim by an Insured Owner upon the Association, including investigating or advising upon any such matter and taking or defending legal or other proceedings in connection therewith. The Managers may also at any time discontinue such employment if they think fit.


All lawyers, surveyors and other persons appointed by the Managers on behalf of the Insured Owner or appointed by the Insured Owner with the prior consent of the Managers shall at all times be and be deemed to be appointed and employed on the terms that they have been instructed by the Insured Owner at all times (both while so acting and after having retired from the matter) to give advice and to report to the Association in connection with the matter without prior reference to the Insured Owner and to produce to the Association without prior reference to the Insured Owner any documents or information in their possession or power relating to such matter, all as if such person had been appointed to act and had at all times been acting on behalf of the Association.


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