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The Directors shall at all times have power to give any or all Insured Owners such orders, prohibitions or directions as the Directors in their discretion may see fit as regards routes, trading areas, ports, stoppages, convoys, cargoes, methods of loading or discharging cargoes, modes of management or of navigation of Entered Ships and manning or equipment, including orders to an Insured Owner that an Entered Ship shall not proceed to or remain at any port, place, country, zone or area or that an Entered Ship shall depart therefrom, or prohibitions to an Insured Owner against an Entered Ship proceeding to or remaining at or in any port, place, country, zone or area.


Any of the orders, prohibitions or directions referred to in Rule 18.1 may be so given that they apply to any one or more Entered Ships or class of Entered Ships or generally to all Entered Ships and so that they remain in force for any one or more specified occasions or for a specified period or until further notice, in which latter event they shall remain in force until revoked by the Directors even if the period extends beyond the then current Policy Year and into any one or more future Policy Years. Any orders, prohibitions or directions so given shall be binding upon any Insured Owner who shall have entered or shall thereafter enter a ship for insurance in the Association at any time while the same remain in force.


Notwithstanding any order, prohibition or direction made by the Directors, an Entered Ship may be specially insured on the terms that a specific order, prohibition or direction shall not apply and that failure to comply therewith shall not be deemed a breach of warranty and shall not suspend the cover. An Entered Ship may be specially so insured on terms that an additional premium is payable by the Insured Owner to the Association and/or on terms that, while the Entered Ship is in a port, place, country, zone or area subject to such order, prohibition or direction, the Insured Owner shall only be insured against certain specified or restricted risks and/or on such other terms as the Managers may think fit.


No Entered Ship shall be deemed to be insured on the special terms referred to in Rule 18.3 hereof unless the exemption from the particular order, prohibition or direction is specified in writing by the Managers. If any such exemption shall be specified in writing, the said exemption shall apply to the order, prohibition or direction referred to therein and not to any other order, prohibition or direction given by the Directors.


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