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i - Additional Premiums

Means the sums which may be or become payable by an Insured Owner to the Association as referred to in Rule 29.

ii - Additional Premium Areas

Means the Additional Premium Areas as described in Rule 19.

iii - The Articles

Means the Articles of Association for the time being of the Association.

iv - The Association

Means War Risks Rules of The Standard Club UK Ltd.

v - British Ships

Means a ship registered in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, any of the Channel Islands or any British colony.

vi - Certificate of Entry

Means the document bearing the heading “Certificate of Entry” together with any endorsement slip which may be issued to Insured Owners.

vii - Contributions

Means sums levied or to be levied by the Directors and to be paid by Insured Owners in accordance with Rule 5.B and Rules 24 to 27.

viii - Cover afforded by the Association

Means the cover afforded by the Association as described in Rules 1.1 to 1.10.

ix - The Directors

Means the Board of Directors for the time being of the Association.

x - Effects

Means clothes, personal possessions, documents, navigation and other technical instruments and tools, but does not include cash or valuables.

xi - Entered Ship

Means a ship entered in the Association for insurance.

xii - General Premium Notice

Means the notice which may be served by the Secretary of State as described in Rule 5.A.2.

xii - Insured Owner

Means an Owner (as defined below) by whom or on whose behalf a ship has been entered in the Association irrespective of whether, at any subsequent time, the insurance of the Owner or of the Entered Ship shall have been terminated and irrespective of whether, at any subsequent time, the Owner shall have ceased to be a Member.

xiv - Insured Value

Means the insured value as described in Rules 1.2 and 1.3.

xv - The Managers

Means the Managers for the time being of the Association.

xvi - Member

Means a Member for the time being of the Association.

xvii - Owner

Means in relation to an Entered Ship or a ship which is intended to or desired to be entered in the Association, owner, owners in partnership, Owners holding separate shares in severalty, part owner, mortgagee, trustee, charterer, operator, manager, builder of such ship, or insurer other than the Association as defined by Rule 12.1.

xvii - Personal Data

Means any information that relates to or enables the identification of a living person.

xix - Policy Year

Means a year from noon G.M.T. on any 20th February until noon G.M.T. on the next following 20th February or until such other time as the Directors, in the exercise of their powers under Appendix A paragraph A.5.1, shall determine.

xx - Premium Period

Means the Premium Period as described in Appendix A paragraph A.1.

xxi - Premium

Means a Premium which is fixed in amount and is not an Additional Premium or a Q.E.R. Premium.

xxii - Queen's Enemy Risk or Risks

Means the risks specified in Rule 2 Part A as defined therein.

xxiii - Q.E.R Premiums

Means the Queen’s Enemy Risks Premiums as described in Appendix A paragraph A.2.

xiv - The reinsurance Agreement

Means the Agreement in writing in force at noon G.M.T. on the 20th February 1988 between the Secretary of State and the Association and any amendment or modification, or any replacement thereof.

xxv - These Rules

Means these Rules as originally framed or as from time to time altered or added to and for the time being in force.

xxvi - Secretary of State

Means the Secretary of State for Transport or such other Minister of the Government of the United Kingdom as shall from time to time exercise the powers conferred upon the Minister of Transport by the Marine and Aviation Insurance (War Risks) Act 1952 or powers connected therewith.

xxvii - Ship

Means in the context of an Entered Ship or a ship which is intended or desired to be entered in the Association (but in no other context), a ship, boat, hovercraft or any other description of vessel or structure (including any ship, boat, hovercraft or other vessel or structure under construction) used or intended to be used for any purpose whatsoever in navigation or otherwise on, under, over or in water or any part thereof or any proportion of the tonnage thereof or any share therein.

xxviii - Special Premium Notice

Means the Notice which may be served by the Secretary of State as described in Rule 19.1.

xxix - Successors

Means, in relation to all the persons hereinbefore specified in connection with “Owner” and “Insured Owner” and in relation to any other person whatsoever by whom or on whose behalf a ship shall have been entered in the Association, their heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, assigns (when permitted under these Rules), receiver, administrative receiver, curator or other person authorised to act on behalf of one who becomes incapable by reason of mental disorder of managing his property or affairs, trustee in bankruptcy, liquidator, administrator and other successors whatsoever.

xxx - Sum Insured

Means the sum as described in Rule 1.4.

xxxi - Unlawful, Prohibited or Sanctionable

Means unlawful, prohibited or sanctionable under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, the place of incorporation or domicile of the member or the ship’s flag state.

xxxii - In Writing

Means written, printed or lithographed, or visibly expressed in all or any of those or any other modes of representing or reproducing words. Words importing the singular number only shall include the plural number and vice versa. Words importing the masculine gender only shall include the feminine gender. Words importing persons shall include corporations.


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