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1.1 - Cover

Financial losses incurred by the member as a direct consequence of the ship being prevented from proceeding to the port of loading or discharge as agreed with shippers or charterers following:


an obstruction of any navigable waterway with a CEMT class IV or higher, lock or port as a direct result of:

(1) an accident to a bridge, lock, dike or similar structure and/or

(2) sinking of another ship and/or cargo or part thereof and/or

(3) a collision between other ships and/or

(4) pollution by any substance from any source.


a strike at the agreed port of loading or discharge only.

2.1 - Conditions

Provided always that in relation to paragraph 1.1.2 and, where logical, paragraph 1.1.3:


the ship was laden with cargo at the time when the ship was so prevented (or, if in ballast, the ship was en-route to the agreed port of loading); and


the lawful authority prohibited all ships of the same type and size as the ship to pass the obstruction; and cover hereunder shall only take effect during the time and date of such prohibition (or, in respect of paragraph 1.1.3, the time and date of the strike); and


the ship could not proceed to the port of loading or discharge as agreed with shippers or charterers by using alternative waterways not affected by the obstruction; and


the ship has not contributed to the obstruction (or, in respect of paragraph 1.1.3, contributed to the strike) in any way whatsoever, or howsoever, directly or indirectly.


the club’s liability is limited to a maximum daily limit of EUR 0.30 per cargo ton laden on board (or, if in ballast and en-route to the agreed loading port, limited to a maximum of EUR 0.30 per cargo ton so nominated by shippers or charterers), per ship, per day, or pro rata thereof.

The member is to bear the following deductibles:

3.1 - Deductible and limit of cover

The member retains the first 72 hours, any one event, per ship and club cover operates in excess of such retention.


A limit of 20 days applies any one event and an aggregate limit of 30 days applies per ship, per policy year. Such limit(s) shall apply in the aggregate in respect of the member and all other insured parties entitled to make a claim under the contract of insurance.


There is a total aggregate claims limit for all ships entered with  the club of US$5,000,000 (or EUR equivalent) per event, and per policy year.

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