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22 Oct 2019

Press Article: Preparing for a mega boxship casualty

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Director of Claims, discusses how the vast scale of today's ultra-large container vessels will give rise to some unprecedented challenges in the event of a major casualty.

8 Oct 2019

Press Article: The impact of sanctions on the maritime world

In the past two years, the use of international economic sanctions has returned to the forefront of international relations and global geopolitical landscape. Ben Chandler comments on the current situation in Maritime Risk International.

30 Sep 2019

Press Article: Eleni Antoniadou on her UN mandate

Greek news outlet Ethnos spoke to Eleni Antoniadou, Offshore Claims Executive, about her career prior to joining The Standard Club, including working for the UN.

4 Sep 2019

Press article: Matching model theory to the realities of the market

Insurers need to better understand how the outputs from risk models interact with the day to day dynamics of the market

14 Aug 2019

Press Article: Viewpoint: Managing the broad scope of war risk

War risks can range across several different covers and both shipowners and underwriters need to ensure they are not unwittingly exposed.

14 Aug 2019

Press Article: Wreck removal and the challenges of CTLs

Rebecca Hamra, Claims Director, reports on the troubles encountered with recycling a ship that is a constructive total loss to Maritime Risk International.

29 Jul 2019

Web Alert: PSC CIC by Tokyo & Paris MOU on Emergency Systems & Procedures

Members are advised that the Tokyo and Paris Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) have issued a joint press release confirming that they will be launching a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on the Emergency Systems and Procedures.

22 Jul 2019

Press Article: Working for a safer industry

Caitlin Kelly of Seaways, the international journal of The Nautical Institute, talks to Capt. Yves Vandenborn AFNI, Director of Loss Prevention at The Standard Club about his experience at sea and career ashore.

19 Jul 2019

Press Article: IMO 2020 the risks facing those that insure tankers

David Roberts, managing director of Charles Taylor Mutual Management (Asia), which manages The Standard Club Asia Ltd, discusses the risks facing tanker insurers from IMO 2020.

12 Jul 2019

Press Article: Time to put some real thrills into shipboard drills

Capt. Yves Vandenborn highlights the seriousness of overlooking safety drills, which is commonplace on ships, and explains why they should not be gentle reminders of procedure, but instead truly memorable and engaging learning experiences.

11 Jul 2019

Article: If General Average is declared...

In practice, the principles of GA are the same whether the ship is a bulk carrier with one consignment of cargo or a container vessel carrying 20,000 TEU of containerised goods. The practical issues do, however, increase in scope depending on the scale and complexity of the casualty and number of interests involved.

5 Jul 2019

Press Article: Strike Club reaffirms cover after Gulf attacks

Mutual's board pledges to keep delay insurance in place despite heightened risk.

24 Jun 2019

Press Article: Prudent owners should run for cover as pollution delays spike

Nick Rowe, The Strike Club, discusses pollution delays in an article published by TradeWinds on Friday 21 June 2019.

13 Jun 2019

Annual report and financial statements 2019

This document reports on the result for 2018/19 and outlines the progress that has been made on driving forward the strategic objectives of the club.

10 Jun 2019

Web Alert: US threatens imposition of sanctions on countries that buy Iranian oil

A report on the press briefing held on 20 May 2019 by Brian Hook, the US Special Representative for Iran

28 May 2019

Press Article: The perplexities of the IMO’s 2020 global sulphur cap

Eva Kelesidou, Claims Executive, has written an article in Maritime Risk International about the challenges associated with the IMO 2020 sulphur cap

16 May 2019

Press Article: Banning dangerous cargoes not the solution to stamping out container fires

Yves Vandenborn, director of loss prevention for the Standard Club, explains why he believes that banning dangerous cargoes is not the solution to stopping container fires.

30 Apr 2019

Press Article: ECDIS - elephant on the bridge?

Captain Yves Vandenborn, of The Standard Club, explains why shipowners and their bridge teams need to do more to ensure clear understanding of ECDIS and other safety-critical systems.

26 Apr 2019

Press Article: Insurance industry is poised to handle risk of marine casualty: The Standard Club

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Director of Claims, discusses marine casualty risk in an interview with Asia Insurance Review.

17 Apr 2019

Press Article: The Standard Club appoints new Legal Director

Jamie Wallace joins The Standard Club.

12 Apr 2019

Press Article: Singapore hosts Asian Marine Casualty Forum this week

Sam Kendall-Marsden speaks at the Asian Marine Casualty Forum

4 Apr 2019

Press Article: Singapore War Risks Mutual

The Singapore War Risks Mutual (SWRM) was established, with strong support from the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), as an insurance class of The Standard Club Asia (Standard Asia) in 2015.

25 Feb 2019

Press Article: Sulphur cap regulation will increase P&I exposure

Eddy Morland, Head of the International Division at The Standard Club, discusses the IMO sulphur cap regulation that kicks in on March 1, 2020.

25 Jan 2019

Web Alert: The International Maritime Bureau issue 2018 piracy report

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) have issued their annual 2018 piracy and armed robbery report, which has shown an increase in reported incidents compared to last year.

23 Jan 2019

Press Article: The role of the marine surveyor - a P&I club's perspective

Jason Wee, Claims Director, discusses the wide, varied and indispensable role of the marine surveyor in this article published in The Report.

21 Jan 2019

Press Article: Twenty years of the ISM code, so what next?

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, reflects on the impact of the ISM code and how to improve its effectiveness in an article for The Report published in December

9 Jan 2019

Web Alert: PSC Joint Information Campaign on Global 2020 Sulphur Cap Compliance

Members are advised on the recent press release issued by the Paris and Tokyo MOUs announcing the launch of the PSC joint information campaign in order to facilitate smooth and consistent implementation of the global 2020 sulphur cap 2020.

4 Dec 2018

Press Article: Seafarer mental health - taking a holistic approach

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, says improving the mental health of seafarers is critical but cannot be done in isolation, in an article for The Maritime Executive.

30 Nov 2018

Press Article: New maritime environmental regulations will stretch limits of P&I cover

Akshat Arora, Senior Surveyor, discusses the impact of the 2020 global sulphur cap in an article published in Insurance Day

26 Nov 2018

Press Article: Personal technology aboard ships - a risk to seafarers' health?

Richard Stevens, Divisional Claims Director, discusses the risks posed by seafarer access to improved communications in the November edition of Maritime Risk International.

21 Nov 2018

Press Article: Changing Man

The evolution of the maritime sector means The Standard Club is always ready to grow and adapt, as CEO Jeremy Grose explains to Luke Holloway in the October/November edition of The Journal

9 Nov 2018

Press Article: The Standard Club Asia Ltd and Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd collaborate to underwrite P&I risks for world’s second-largest shipowning country

The Standard Club Asia Ltd, yesterday entered into a co-operation agreement with Ping An property & Casualty Insurance Company of Cina, Ltd.

23 Oct 2018

Press Article: The Human Element and Seafarer Resilience

During his presentation at the last SAFETY4SEA Conference in Athens, Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, talked about one specific aspect of the human element in maritime casualties: seafarers’ resilience. The publication summarises his talk in a recent article.

22 Oct 2018

Web Alert: IACS publish new recommendations on cyber safety

Following a huge increase in the use of onboard cyber-systems, IACS has developed a series of Recommendations with a view to reflecting the cyber resilience that will be required of vessels with increasing interdependencies.

18 Oct 2018

Press Article: The Standard Club withdraws from underwriting at Lloyd's

The Standard Club has today announced that it is withdrawing from underwriting at Lloyd’s from 2019. The club is exploring alternative approaches to provide its members with additional insurance covers.

26 Sep 2018

Press Article: Career Paths - Yves Vandenborn

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, talks about the fascinating world of loss prevention and his experiences for an article published in Safety4Sea

17 Sep 2018

Press Article: Finding the key to misdeclared cargoes

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, argues better box booking is the key to avoiding misdeclared container cargoes, in an article for Maritime Risk International.

12 Sep 2018

Press Article: 20 years of the ISM code

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, reflects on how the ISM code is doing and what still needs to be done in an article for Safety4Sea Log published in September.

11 Sep 2018

Press Article: New technology, new opportunity

Ursula O'Donnell, Divisional Claims Director, takes a look at floating offshore wind energy and sees new opportunities for marine contractors in September's issue of Maritime Risk International

19 Jul 2018

Press Article: Women in Salvage

Ursula O’Donnell, Divisional Claims Director, is featured in an article about women who are protecting our seas, one grounding at a time.

18 Jul 2018

Press Article: P&I clubs size up fixed-premium opportunity

Jeremy Grose, CEO talks to Insurance Day about the unique opportunity P&I clubs have in the fixed premium market.

11 Jul 2018

Press Article: Better booking procedures will cut misdeclared box risk

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, says a more rigorous approach to container booking is needed if shipowners are to protect their ships, crews and reputations from the real risk of misdeclared box cargoes.

28 Jun 2018

Web Alert: EU extends existing sanctions against Syria for further year

On 28 May 2018, the European Council extended existing sanctions against Syria (under EU Reg. 2018/774) until 1 June 2019, in light of the "ongoing repression of the civilian population''.

25 Jun 2018

Web Alert: PSC Concentrated Inspection Campaigns for 2018

The Black Sea MoU and the Indian Ocean MoU have confirmed running a similar CIC from 1 September to 30 November 2018 to check ships’ compliance with air pollution prevention requirements and to boost awareness of the 2020 sulphur cap.

15 Jun 2018

Press Article: Risks and challenges of an emerging market

Sarah Wallace, Claims Director, contributed an article to International Tug & OSV on the risks, typical insurance covers and current challenges of insuring decommissioning operations.

15 May 2018

Web Alert: Paris MoU to focus on air pollution from ships

The Paris MoU has announced that it will focus attention on marine air pollution in the near future. This development anticipates the new maximum limits for sulphur in ships fuel oil, which is due to enter into force on 1 January 2020.

2 May 2018

Press Article: David Roberts interviewed by Lloyds List, Asia

David Roberts, Managing Director of Standard Asia, was interviewed during Singapore Maritime Week by Lloyds list.

30 Apr 2018

Press Article: How might technology affect the marine insurance industry?

Callum O'Brien, Deputy Underwriter - Europe Division, gives his views on technology and the marine insurance industry in the latest issue of Maritime Risk International.

10 Apr 2018

Press Article: Singapore War Risk Mutual seeks rapid growth in expanding market

The Singapore War Risks Mutual has seen a boom in business during the past year. The Standard Club-managed mutual, established with the support of the Singapore Shipping Association, has nearly doubled the number of ships on its books to 619 from 350 in just 12 months, according to data from Standard Asia.

12 Mar 2018

Press Article: Why P&I clubs are returning premiums to their members

Nick Jelley, Chief Financial Officer, explains how clubs calculate the correct level of free reserves, in an article in Insurance Day.

9 Mar 2018

Web Alert: Indian Ocean MoU preliminary results of PSC CIC on the Safety of Navigation

Indian Ocean MoU has issued attached press release on the preliminary results of PSC CIC on the Safety of Navigation.

2 Mar 2018

Press article: Building resilient safety culture onboard

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, promotes a focus on resilience amongst crew rather than competency only.

28 Feb 2018

Press article: Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, featured in Singapore Nautilus

Yves shares his thoughts on current standards, measures and trends in maritime safety.

8 Jan 2018

Press release: The Standard Club appoints Leanne O’Loughlin as head of New York office

The focus on the New York office as a claims service hub for the Americas demonstrates the club’s commitment to their existing clients and indicates an intention to grow the business within this important market.

22 Dec 2017

Press article: Jeremy Grose discusses the benefits of mutual insurers in an article in Insurance Post

The article, published this week, looks at the growth of mutuals and how they compare to the rest of the market.

16 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Uncertainty in the import of wheat affected by Ergot Fungus in Egypt continues

Pursuant to a recent application by an Egyptian citizen to the Administrative Court alleging danger to the health of the Egyptian people, the issue has once again come back to light.

3 Oct 2017

Press Article: Avoiding environmental liability in the hurricane season

Leanne O'Loughlin explains the tests that need to be passed to rely on an 'Act of God' defence, in an article in Insurance Day.

7 Sep 2017

Web Alert: Guidance on maritime security transit corridor

Combined Maritime Forces has issued guidance regarding transits in the Gulf of Aden and other recommended transits in the Red Sea/Indian Ocean following the recent piracy attacks in this region.

20 Jul 2017

Press Article: Quantitative risk assessment in wreck removal tendering

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Head of UK & Americas Division, explains the role of quantitative risk assessment in an article for Maritime Risk International

31 May 2017

Press Article: Wreck Removal Liability Unravelled

Sam Kendall-Marsden, head of our UK & Americas division, discusses the club's cover for wreck removal in Tug & OSV.

24 Apr 2017

Press Article: Safety is directly linked to training and experience

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, talks about the club’s initiatives to tackle human error.

22 Mar 2017

Press Article: Salvage contracts - Lloyd’s Open Form

The Standard Club's Sam Kendall-Marsden features in the latest edition of Salvage World.

14 Mar 2017

Press Article: The Standard Club’s perspective towards BWMC implementation

In an exclusive interview with GREEN4SEA, Capt. Akshat Arora, Marine Surveyor, discusses what the implementation of the BWM Convention this September means for the shipping industry from a P&I perspective.

21 Dec 2016

Press Article: Standard Club keeps focus on loss prevention

The Standard Club's loss prevention department discusses its approach to reducing incidents in TradeWinds

23 Nov 2016

Web Alert: Conclusion of The Standard Club/ICS 'Spot the Hazard' competition

The Standard Club would like to announce the final conclusion of its recent joint initiative with The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), the 'Spot the Hazard Competition'.

22 Nov 2016

Web Alert: Newly released judicial interpretation on rules relating to vessel arrests in China

The Chinese Supreme People’s Court held a press conference on 8 November 2016 announcing the release of three new judicial interpretations, including one in relation to property preservation in China entitled 'Rules on Issues Relating to Property Preservation Cases Processed by People’s Courts', (the 'Rules') which comes into effect from 1 December 2016.

6 Oct 2016

Press Article: Offshore energy vessel sector hits tough times

Julian Hines, Senior Surveyor, compares the offshore energy vessel market with other shipping sectors in this article published in Maritime Risk International

26 Sep 2016

Press Article: Contract reviews up 30 per cent

Joseph Divis, Offshore Underwriter, is featured in International Tug & OSV discussing the impact of oil price cycles

3 Aug 2016

Web Alert: PSC concentrated inspection campaign in Paris, Tokyo, Indian Ocean and Black Sea MoU's (2016)

Members are advised that the Paris Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has issued a press release confirming that they will be launching a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006.

26 Jul 2016

Press Article: Standard Club keeps faith in mergers

The Standard Club was featured in TradeWinds on 8 July 2016 discussing the potential benefits of consolidation in the P&I market.

26 Jul 2016

Press Article: Standard overtakes Britannia on P&I tonnage

TradeWinds reports on The Standard Club overtaking The Britannia Club to become the fourth largest P&I club by tonnage, and the reasons for this increase in market share.

26 Jul 2016

Press Article: Defensive 'Brexit' strategy pays off

Jeremy Grose, Chief Executive, discusses The Standard Club’s ‘Brexit’ strategy following the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union.

6 Jun 2016

Press Article: A ship's master - manager, leader or seaman?

Eric Murdoc's article 'A ship's master - manager, leader or seaman?' is featured in Maritime Risk International

18 May 2016

Press Article: Casualties of War

The Singapore War Risks Mutual featured in Lloyd’s List Intelligence April edition

17 May 2016

Web Alert: Outcome of MEPC 69th session (18-22 April 2016)

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), 69th session, was held from April 18-22 and progress was made on issues.

11 May 2016

Web Alert: MCA Saftey Alert - Imported liferaft medicines and medical devices

Members are advised that the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) in conjunction with the (UK based) Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have issued warnings concerning the status of medical devices/medicines contained in imported liferafts.

11 Jan 2016

Press article: Multi-pronged approach

David Roberts, Managing Director of Standard Asia, is featured in the January 2016 issue of Asia Insurance Review

1 Dec 2015

Press article: The explosive risks of mis-declared cargo

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, and Enam Hussain, Head of Division, were invited to comment for an article in Post.

15 Sep 2015

Press article: London would suffer if shipping sailed off

The Standard Club's event at LISW is reported in the Evening Standard

15 Sep 2015

Press article: Wreck removal - choosing the right contract

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Head of Division, UK & Americas, is featured in the September/October edition of International Tug & OSV

15 Sep 2015

Press article: UK capital faces battle for status

The Standard Club's event at LISW is reported in TradeWinds

28 Aug 2015

Press article: Standard directors give dollar backing to Lloyd's syndicate

Jeremy Grose, Chief Executive, is interviewed in TradeWinds.

17 Aug 2015

Press article: what are the biggest claims?

Enam Hussain, Syndicate Director, reviews the trends in claims in the July/August edition of Maritime Risk International

5 Aug 2015

Press article: Jeremy Grose, Chief Executive, interviewed in Insurance Day

Jeremy spoke on how the club is responding to the challenges of diversifying its business platform

4 Aug 2015

Press article: Shocking liquefaction casualties must be stemmed by rigorous cargo checks

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, contributed an article to the 31 July edition of TradeWinds

25 Jun 2015

Press release: S&P affirms Standard Club Europe 'A' rating with stable outlook

S&P has revised its outlook on the club to stable from negative to reflect the club’s capital strength and sustainable underwriting performance.

17 Jun 2015

Press article: Plan of action

Recent oil spills have once again focused attention on the efficacy and reliability of national response measures. Duncan Howard, Claims Operations Director, was consulted for this article in Bunkerspot on the high-profile issue of pollution prevention.

11 Jun 2015

Press article: insurer acts on evolving tanker safety regulation

Yves Vandenborn, Loss Prevention Director, was consulted for this article published in IHS Sea-web

8 Jun 2015

Press article: P&I cover offshore - what you need to know

Sarah Wallace, Claims Executive, contributed an article to the Offshore Wind Journal, Q2 2015

28 May 2015

Press article: Bhandarkar Shipping News article on our Mumbai Seminar, 7 May 2015

'...Standard Club is one of the strongest members of the International Group of P&I Clubs.'

22 May 2015

Press release: The Standard Club delivers stable 2014-15 underwriting performance and steady growth

The result is in line with the club’s strategy of delivering sustainable, good-value cover with excellent financial security and a high quality membership.

21 May 2015

Web alert: environmental provisions adopted during MEPC 68th session (11-15 May 2015)

The IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) held its 68th session at IMO Headquarters in London from 11 to 15 May 2015. We set out the decisions made.

20 Apr 2015

Press article: Singapore War Risks Mutual takes off

David Roberts, Standard Asia managing director, discusses Singapore War Risks Mutual in the latest edition of Tradewinds

15 Apr 2015

Press article: P&I issues on wreck removal

Constantino Salivaras, Manager, contributed an article to LaAm Insurance Review

14 Apr 2015

Press article: Wreck removal and the Nairobi Convention

Sam Kendall-Marsden, Syndicate Director, contributed an article to the March/April edition of International Tug & OSV

31 Mar 2015

Press article: case law developments regarding removal of US maritime cases from state to federal court

Senior Claims Executive Rebecca Hamra was recently published in the first quarter 2015 edition of Benedict’s Maritime Bulletin

30 Mar 2015

Web alert: Hong Kong Air Pollution Control Regulations

A new regulation requiring ocean-going vessels (OGVs) to comply with 0.5% sulphur limit will be enforced in Hong Kong waters with effect from 1 July 2015.

18 Mar 2015

Web alert: Jordan - bulk cargo shortage claims

There has been a considerable increase in substantial bulk cargo shortage claims in Jordan during the last year. As a result of this it is understood that, following the IG clubs’ intervention, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to set up a special committee to which the P&I appointed surveyor would be able to contribute.

26 Feb 2015

Press release: The Standard Club Asia Ltd launches Singapore’s first War Risks Mutual

This is the first Singapore based national mutual war risks insurance and is fully supported by the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA).

26 Feb 2015

Press release: The Standard Club achieves renewal targets

Club expects record free reserves, with improving claims experience.

18 Dec 2014

Press article: benefits of the NTVRP revealed

Philip Stephenson outlines a recent casualty in US waters

18 Dec 2014

Press article: contracting issues in the heavylift sector

Rupert Banks and Ian Billington consider the increasing risks for heavylift operators

12 Dec 2014

Press article: Bankruptcy jolts bunker sector

Olivia Furmston, Legal Director, comments on the effects of the OW Bunker bankruptcy

14 Nov 2014

Press article: Standard Club chief sets out modernising agenda

Jeremy Grose was interviewed by Jim Mulrenan for Tradewinds

25 Sep 2014

Press article: With an eye on the future

Sarah Wallace, Claims Executive, looks at developments in offshore, meeting insurance needs both now and in the future

18 Sep 2014

Press article: Singapore Strives to Put Safety First

Singapore's drive on improving maritime safety

4 Aug 2014

Press article: Misdeclared beware!

The shipment of an undisclosed cargo can be a ship owner’s worst nightmare which, in some scenarios, can lead to a major casualty putting the safety of the ship’s crew, hull and cargo and the environment at risk

17 Jul 2014

Press article: Repairs – contractual issues from a P&I cover perspective

it’s recommended when negotiating repair contracts that the shipyard contact its insurer to ensure any liabilities assumed fall within scope of cover

8 Jul 2014

Press article: Ongoing education in the marine liability market

Nick Sansom, Director of Professional Development, comments on the importance of ongoing education and the P&I Qualification

17 Jun 2014

Press article: Look out and around

Rahul Sapra, Marine Surveyor, comments on the recent upsurge in the number of navigation related incidents seen by the Standard Club and advises on safe navigation

29 May 2014

Press article: the delicate art of staying still

As advances are made in dynamic positioning technology and its application, are we treading water in our understanding and prevention of incidents

30 Apr 2014

Press article: Ukraine - what should the shipping industry expect?

Our representative on the IG sanctions working group, Roger Johnson, was consulted for an article published in Maritime Risk International in April 2014

1 Apr 2014

Press article: Standard Club supports limitation case in the Court of Appeal

The Standard Club has supported a case to the UK Court of Appeal

12 Mar 2014

Press article: Ship masters 'should check conditions in Singapore Straits'

Recent collisions in the Singapore Strait have raised concern among the city-state's shipping community

13 Feb 2014

Press article: Voice of the Future: Sian Meadows

Sian Meadows, offshore deputy underwriter, is featured in an article about talented newcomers and what attracted them to insurance

4 Feb 2014

Press article: Pollution control from P&I perspective

When it comes to recent casualties, environmental considerations are being taken into accouint more often.

3 Feb 2014

Press article: Piracy: Safer seas

With a more stable Somalia and improved maritime security, will the downward trend in piracy attacks continue, or will incidents in East African and South-East Asian waters ensure rough seas in future?

21 Jan 2014

Press article: P&I in Latin America

Constantino Salivaras, claims executive, discusses the development of P&I cover for ship-owners in Latin America

19 Apr 2013

Standard Club Hull Facility

Please see attached press release

6 May 2012

Web Alert: Indonesia to ban export of unprocessed ores from 06 May 2012

Recent Indonesian press reports state that the Indonesian authorities are set to impose a ban on shipping unrefined mined products.

20 Mar 2012

Web Alert: Court adopts wide interpretation of EU restrictive measures against Iran 20 March 2012

The EU implementing Regulation following the EU Council Decision of 23 January 2012 is still awaited.

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