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Web alert - Enhanced Inspection by Chinese Quarantine Authorities for vessels from Nigeria, Peru and Brazil to prevent yellow fever

31 January 2018

Based on reports by WHO, yellow fever outbreaks have been notified by authorities in Nigeria, Peru and Brazil. In an effort to prevent any outbreak of yellow fever infections in China and ensure health and safety, the Chinese Quarantine Authorities issued an announcement on preventive measures to be taken by vessels calling to China from ports of Nigeria, Peru and Brazil (excluding ports Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe). 

According to the announcement, disinfection should be conducted to vessels and containers from the aforementioned countries/areas. Moreover, vessels and containers found without a valid disinfection certificate, should maintain a distance of no less than 400m from the land and other vessels before conducting appropriate disinfection treatment. 

In view of the above, vessels sailing from ports within the affected countries/areas to China are recommended to obtain a mosquito eradication certificate before departure from the affected areas. It is also suggested that owners check with their local agent about local CIQ's requirements before ship's calling so as to avoid any possible delays or trouble when calling Chinese ports. 

For more details, please read here.